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PvP still forced after Level 25 ? AION 3.0



  • alexminoalexmino Member Posts: 132
    Originally posted by Portland
    Originally posted by Sukiyaki

    They certainly wont "fix" what was never broken and remains intregral part of gameplay. This game is not made for you it appears.

    yes and thats why it was a waste of develepement $$$$ for the investors and is free to play meanwhile .......... 



    It didn't fail and go free to play because of pvp, it failed and went free to play because it was a grinding korea mmo that took lessons from old games that people also didn't pay for and wasn't fun.

  • Grimrist000Grimrist000 Member Posts: 82
    Originally posted by eyelolled
    Originally posted by Portland

    the main reason i left this game was the forced to PvP after Level 25.

    Did they finally fix that ? Can i completly disable PvP for my character in this game ? 

    i am not interested in PvP, i just want to do the PvE content.

    Free or not, if i cant diable PvP this game is worthless for me..


    anyone ?

    You can't disable PvP as such, but you can avoid it entirely for the majority of the game if not the entire game. (I've only made it to level 50 so far.

    if you're asmodian, just do Altgard quests up to the lvl 16 dungeon, which you can effectively use to level you to 25 if you want (I did it about 10 times before I ended up tired of it) but you can travel to brusthonin at 20 and start doing quests there.  At 25 you have NTC, that you can repeat until you're level 30 and then switch to Fire Temple (chance at PvP if you're wating outside) then move to Kromede's Trial at 38 and steel rake at ~40. SR can level you to 45 easy and then back to brusthonin for more quests. There is solo dungeons after 50 as well.


    Don't know the Elyos side

    Elyos side is basically the same. Altgard=Verteron and Brusthonin=Theobomos.

  • EvilestTwinEvilestTwin Member Posts: 286
    Originally posted by Sukiyaki

    Just throwin this in:

    3.5 will remove ALL Rifting debuffs from pre 3.0 zones and turn them back to classic Rifting again. Not just that Brusthonin and Theobomos will receive additional PvP objectives and mechanics with the "dimensional distruption" gamesystem which is basically Rifting with additional goals and incentives .

    Korea has rookie server/PvE channels.  Unless we get those in the NA servers we will still be keeping the rifting buffs.

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