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[Corellia Run] Eternal Oblivion is now recruiting


Eternal Oblivion – Casual US PVE – Corellia Run Server

Eternal Oblivion is now recruiting on the Corellia Run US Server. We are a PvE Empire aligned, centric guild with members who have multiple backgrounds in gaming. 

Our goal is simple, enjoy the game while striving to conquer endgame content, Flashpoints, Questing, Leveling Mains and Alts alike, ect. As our guild grows our structure will grow and change with our members and our goals in mind.

All characters and classes are welcome.


  • LunastormLunastorm Member Posts: 5

    We are still recruiting new members.  We are in need of Bounty Hunters and Agents above all else right now, but all applications are welcome!


    If you have any questions please contact me on our guilds website!

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