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[The Bastion] D I A B O L I C recruiting (Empire 3rd in The Swiftsure)

paoweepaowee Member Posts: 2

Guild:  < D I A B O L I C > Empire 3rd in The Swiftsure 

Status:  4/4 HM EC, 10/10 NiM 


Raid times:  (MAINS)  M - Thurs  7:30 PM - 11:00 PM server time 

                    (ALTS/Story Mode)  Fridays and Weekends 

Requirements:  Team Speak, Pleasing personality


Guild Status:

Raid 1 - 4/4 HM EC

Raid 2 - 4/4 HM EC

Raid 3 - (filling up the roster - recruiting)

PVP RWZ Group - (filling up the roster - recruiting)


We are currently looking for exceptional players to fill in spots for our 3rd 8-MAN HM CORE GROUP.  At the moment the officers' alts are filling up these roles but we would much rather have an exceptional player's MAIN to benefit from the loots and be a positive addition to the family.  We have particular interest in the following:



ALL CLASSES (1 Healer, 2 Tanks, DPS)


Fill out an Application in the website  after which we will schedule an interview via Team Speak .

Applicants may also send me a mail in-game, my IGN: B'oarder or B'oard



  • paoweepaowee Member Posts: 2


    The Bastion server is rife with exceptional players!
    We have completed our roster for Raid # 2 and right now we are currently recruiting for RAID#3.
    Marauder / PT DPS apps are a priority right now for both  PVE and PVP however
    exceptional DPS / HEALER apps will be considered and reviewed by the Officers and the GM
    Guild Status:
    Raid 1 - 4/4 HM EC
    Raid 2 - 4/4 HM EC
    Raid 3 - (recruiting)
    RWZ Group 1 - (recruiting)
    **the post above has been updated**
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