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MMO newbie

rmos121rmos121 Member Posts: 3

I've only played one mmo in my gaming history which was Tibia, and while I still like it a lot because of all the Nostalgia value I don't think I wanna play it again but maybe try something Similar. I thought I'd list some of the things I liked about Tibia and maybe someone could help me suggest an mmo that's remotely similar.

Not sure if It's a good thing and maybe I like it because I never tried any other mmo but it was very grindy.  If you wanted to level up, you went through mobs and then waited for them to respawn. 

Hunted strong mobs for loot, had to often party up with some friends to find the quickest way to kill the mob and then wait for it to respawn and try to find better gear.

Had this unique skill level ups, instead of your skills going up as you level you had to individually focus on them and train each skill.  I remember watching TV and having the game on because training was easy but tedious. 

It was very open,  you'd be sitting in the middle of town with bunch of users AFK'ing and then you'd decide to walk for few minutes and you could be fighting mobs and getting exp and loot.

Also there was no level caps, so you could play for as long as you want.

The game was F2P with possibility to buy premium for extra content and it had both non-pvp and pvp servers


  • Poison_AdelePoison_Adele Member CommonPosts: 287

    Sorry you haven't gotten any responses yet! :(

    I will be honest, I've never heard of Tibia and after looking at the page I'm still not sure what it is!

    I'll suggest to you my personal darling, Guild Wars 2, since it's low-cost ($50 box price and no subscription), low grind, has dynamic events which simply happen in the world and change the areas based on success or failure, a high level cap, a beautiful setting and story, etc


  • SpanxsterSpanxster Member Posts: 6

    Hadn't heard of Tibia tbh but after checking it out, I think you might like Runescape. Tibias graphics r 2d whereas Runescape is 3d with some new updates every month it seems to keep it fresh. Lots of gamers started out in Runescape n it's a good place to learn. Good luck with your search. =) 

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