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HokieHokie Member UncommonPosts: 1,063

Okay will we at character creation be able to use magic/have a magic class?

Before you flame me---I DONT WANT MAGIC AS A CLASS.

Conan has always been about sword swinging, wenching, thieving, and archery. Oh and drinking.
If you read the books he (Conan) always had a great distrust of magic. And he seemed to go out of his way to kill the magic endowed.

There is another more important reason.
If they focus on melee combat and not adding spell effects blah blah blah we may get more combat animations and moves and finishing blows.
I'd love to see my character dodge-block-reverse slash. etc.
Most MMO's only give you about 5 different combat animations. So after playing for a few days it becomes ho-hum and boring.
I want immersion.
Please tell me its so.

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  • trajan22trajan22 Member Posts: 91

    magic will fit the world oif hyboria. according to the game director:

    Magic is realy important! What we did when we discussed how we would do magic in AOC, was to decide what it will not be, and what it will be
    It is not - Pink dots floating around the magician.
    It is not - A place where you get comic relief
    It is not - Somthing you use for small things(doing the dishes)
    It is not - Safe, Fun, "disney"

    It is - Massive and grand
    It is - Something that is dangerous, and changes the world
    It is - Something that could backfire.
    It is - Something you should be very scared of ,p

    Magic will be to rather summon deamons from hell that will ripp a wictim to shreds, than throwing a "fireball"...


  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Member Posts: 292

    Originally posted by Hokie

    Conan has always been about sword swinging, wenching, thieving, and archery. Oh and drinking.

    A little off topic, but I just wanted to say I thought you made that word up before I looked it up on

    intr.v. wenched, wench·ing, wench·es

    To consort or engage in sex with wanton women. Used of a man.

    Learning something new everyday.image

    Yes, you'll be able to progress as a magic user in the game, magic will be powerful, but will have a negative effect on the avatar in return for all that power.


    ...but time flows like a river...

    ...and history repeats...

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  • SardonisSardonis Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I've called a few ladies's great to see their responce. Especially the odd one that knows what I said. ;-)

  • Lunar_KnightLunar_Knight Member Posts: 292

    I've had a lot of different responses when calling the different women in my life wenches (mostly my female friends/girlfriends). Some are good natured and through it right back at ya by calling you something back...and others make you feel like a horrible womanizer and aren't satisfied until you BEG for forgiveness.

    The test of a good relationship, romantic or otherwise, is when you can tease each other and know the other person meant nothing by it.

    But, back to the topic of magic! The last thing I want is magic users being able to hit a magical button on their quick bar and a freakin blizzard starts tearing up an enemy army. Nope, I want:    1) Spells have to be woven delicately, using the player's own skill, or risk being deformed or backfire entirely (this could be done by the  players having to a execute a number of hand gestures and verbal incantations in a certain sequences in a short window of time).     2) Magic is VERY draining on the user, when casting magic or afterward, the mage is almost helpless if there is no bodyguard for them.    3) A mage, while powerful, can still be slayed by a single warrior 1 on 1.    4) In order to get significantly damaging Massive AOE, a number of mages must focus on the same spell together.


    ...but time flows like a river...

    ...and history repeats...

    -Leader of "The Fighting Irish" in DAoC on Hib/Kay-

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