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Party play

NextAceNextAce Member Posts: 3

It has been a lifetime since i've played a mmo that actually used party play like RO, or MS( I would like to note, I played lineage and the party play starts way too late in the game) . This is also me asking for a good mmo with party play. I'll only another mmo(till gw2) with party play

I'll  note I've played 

Tera (I LOVED IT) ( It was just kinda stupid fast grinding though. The Grind was too fast to make any party play necessary. but everything else was fine. Nothing to do endgame so I quit)

TSW (Wasted my time on a story based game)

Most if not all free 2 play mmorpgs

I'm waiting for gw2 because it seems like a LOL. which I still play.

Back to the party play topic.

Playing Ro (which i kept going back too) and that party play was fantastic it was almost everywhere, all jobs expect maybe alcem and assassin could be in a party. where even they could with some nice equips. I remember one time when i was only lvl 27 and  I walked to the first person I saw said hi, next thing I know I was in a orc dun run with 5 people.  

MS was good too, Dragon saga was great at this aspect. But it wasn't as popular. I would go more indepth, but i wanna make some food. so just comment and i'll reply. And provide more information.


  • Vorpal.RendVorpal.Rend Member UncommonPosts: 80

    Have you tried Diablo 3? theres no wait on partys and every time someone joins the minions get stronger. well worth a trial if you really wanna give it ago and its a one off payment too if you want it.

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