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Need MMO with a lot of skills/professions

CynicalOkieCynicalOkie Member Posts: 1

Hey, I intend on quitting RuneScape due to all the bots, so are there any MMORPGs out there that have a lot of skills to level like RuneScape? I'm not looking for any that limit you to 2/3 or so per character, I'd like to be a jack of all trades, and RS seems to be the only one that lets me be one.


  • Vorpal.RendVorpal.Rend Member UncommonPosts: 80

    Im a Nexon fan and a good game that i enjoyed proffesions of is Mabinogi..,

    I havent gotten upto the skills yet but i hear Vanguard is good for their skills. Maybe Lord of the Rings Online.

    If you want a sandbox world give Wurm a go.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,846

    Uncharted Waters Online has at least 118 skills and 74 professions.  A large majority of the skills are leveled independently as you use them.  You can't acquire all of the skills at once, but the number you can acquire increases as your levels do.  You can have 17 skills right away, and get to 30 pretty quickly, and the 49 eventually at the level cap.

    It's also a very strange game, and nothing like Runescape.

  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    I would have to second Mabinogi. When it was released, many said that it was Runescape with better graphics. Now it has branched rather far away from that in other terms, but there are still many similarities, for instance; Want to be a blacksmith? You will probably need to rank refining/metallurgy unless you are super rich. Potion Making? Same deal, only you will need herbalism. 

    You are free to mix skill sets as you please but, when you first create your character and at each subsequent rebirth (a rebirth lets you go back to level one with all current skills and ability points) you can pick a destiny, which specializes you in a skill set, making you gain proficiency in using said set.

    There are plenty of life skills for crafting, and combat skills for, well...combat. If anything else, give it a try, newbies get a lot of freebies (you guys can rebirth every day until total level one hundred, that is a lot of ability points :3

    I wish you the best of luck!

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