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Poll: Rate Knight Online



  • himbranhimbran Member Posts: 94

    with this game the graphic are good but it lacks stuff take runescape for example the graphics suck but the best thing are the skills this has a great graphic and battle engine but it lacks other skills to upgrade see wat i mean???????????

    i have the golden psp!

  • DragonbladezDragonbladez Member Posts: 10

    I give it a 4.  The graphics are terrific for a free online rpg.  The skill upgrading is easy to do.  The inscturctions are precise.  The armor and weapons are very detailed and look very well done.  I can't talk about the community behavior because it depends on which server you play on.  I play on CYPHER, and the people are very friendly.  The only problem really for me was that it had too many damn turkish peopleimage.  I don't speak turkish.  The party system is awesome.  And KS tend to get a bit annoying at times.  But all in all this is a great, well put together game that anyone can just come by and easily understand how to play.  It'z a good game for first time MMORPG players.

  • XFantasyXXFantasyX Member Posts: 138

    ::::24:: i gave it a 3 since it is decent but not as good as ff xi since u dont just play a knight
    u can play a: red mage, black mage, white mage, warrior, dragoon, monk, bard, ninja,
    samurai, summoner, black knight, beast master & any other if i forgot it::::40::


  • ColynathColynath Member Posts: 1
    I think its a good game, because its free, but there are many bugs
    but look positive ist freeimage


  • RoodyRoody Member Posts: 4

    you said it dude::::01:: it realy boring

  • WiRGiLLWiRGiLL Member Posts: 40

    i gave it 4 ::::24::
    IMO this game is great cuz it's free... and the graphics isn't such a pain in da b*t ::::01::
    what's special about this game in my eyes is the allover dynamics of the game... i've tried many free games (well not so many but still a lot) and i couldn't find a better one... all the other F2P games r kinda 'slow' and now i dun mean the progress of lvling but how the game moves ::::28::
    this is the only F2P game where i can (as a melee) kill mobs with MUCH higher lvl than me ::::35:: (long live slidin ::::08:: )
    everywhere else u can do it only with a mage or archer class... but here u can controll ur melee type to be unbeatable ::::40:: not just like the other games where melees just tank and get the dmg same way as they give it ::::15::
    and if u no what u want and what to kill to achieve it ... well the tought of havin ur armor/weap dropped from that mob will keep u fightin it again and again... even if it's quite boring...
    the main negative point that spoils the game is the HUUUUGE amount of di*khe*ds... not just turx (but they mainly) act like 9-year old kiddies... well if they spoke english at least...

  • dreadboy1991dreadboy1991 Member Posts: 25
    any one who dosnt like this game should go screw themselves i hate you

    stoners live and stoners die but in the end we all get high so if in life you dot succeed fuck it all and smoke some weed

  • taufetotaufeto Member Posts: 5
    game is reall good with pk style.but GMs are horrible with corruption.and very bad customer support
  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    3, its a decent game but cant compare with the leaders in gaming such as Guild Wars + WoW + EvE

  • Paulx122Paulx122 Member Posts: 5

    This games iight .. not too bad its good when u got nothing to do hahaha

    --Stop The War and Smoke Some Weed--

    --Stop The War and Smoke Some Weed--

  • DeezYumDeezYum Member Posts: 5


    HAPPY GAMING image

  • bigboss_250bigboss_250 Member Posts: 5
    its the best game everimage
  • PoopAlotPoopAlot Member Posts: 2
    image I dont know what to think of this game since i cant long on to server. if sum1 could hlp me plz do!?image
  • nlerdnlerd Member Posts: 21

    I give it a 4.5. The game has held my attention for over a year and a half now, sure I've takens breaks from it (from a week to month), but I keep comming back. The only problem I have with this game is the grind but you get grind with any mmorpg.

    The things that people complain about I just dont understand.

    Ksing-just kill the next mob or move away from the ksers.

    Turks-not any worse then americans and other english speaking peoples.

    DC/lag-I myself rarely lag and hardly ever get DCed I only get lag in the early morning when i should be asleep anyway.

    Graphics-ITS A FREE GAME!

    Everyone looks the same-...yeah okay I'll give you that one.(Thats why I'm taking classes that you don't see as often {el morad female warrior & karus male priest.})

    Now with Ke out people are going to find more to complain about, all we have to do is wait till they fix the bugs. We pressed for the release and now we still have to wait don't blame K2 on this one.

  • Avi_StettoAvi_Stetto Member Posts: 10

    I didn't like the game
    it's actually quite boring
    you have creatures that look al the same
    and the attacks are not very special too
    but a good point of the game is:
    its free! ::::39::
    the game i prefer to play is Guild wars ::::28::

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