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Xbox360 Skyrim Patches

Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

Is there some way to tell what version of Skyrim has been patched on the Xbox360?  I ask because my Skyrim is horribly glitched (I know, very buggy game) and for the life of me, I don't know that the system has ever patched the game, at least it's never said that it's doing so.  Of some of  the terminally glitched quests I have, I see that they're supposed to have been fixed in the 1.4 update, yet they are not fixed in my version.  I have no idea if this has been applied, applied badly, etc.

So is there a way to tell, and if it hasn't been updated, force a manual update through Xbox LIVE?  Certainly, it's not doing anything on it's own.


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  • PolypropylenPolypropylen Member Posts: 30
    Go to Xbox settings-storage and do clear system cache. Next go to Skyrim folder on your HDD of your Xbox and look for "title update" delete any of them! Start Skyrim, it will tell you that there is an update :)
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