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[Nightmare Lands] Flaming Pie ~ Republic & Empire

WolphardWolphard Member Posts: 4

To all comers


Flaming Pie is a community that's been around since 2007. A number of people in our core group however have been gaming together for even longer. We're a mature bunch, some of which come from a hardcore past in WoW. Since then most of us grew up though, with all the added RL commitments (families/careers/etc.). Therefore we've taken a more laid back approach to gaming for a while now, and it's been fun.


To give a bit more detail about us from a more personal and logistical standpoint. We're a group of fellow gamers who range anywhere from the low 20's to mid 40's roughly in age, so actual age really isn't an issue of consideration for us, as maturity is more of an individually determined issue rather than one of age. Collectively between us all as individuals, there's not a major top-tier MMO out there that someone in our crew hasn't played/experienced, and many of us older 'grumpy old men' have many years' worth of gaming experience dating back to the old Commodore 64 days and even earlier.


Organisational management is one of our many strong points, as we bring the experience from our professional careers to the game. At the same time, we don't take ourselves too seriously and there are no rigid ranks, superiority nor big egos in our group. Our members play for the fun and enjoyment of whatever we play together, although still serious in our dedication to the game and objectives therein. We will be known for being a friendly and educated group that will stand its ground when needed, protect others who have helped us, and take out those who stand in our way. We keep an eye on the big picture, never put ourselves before our mates, and always look beyond our own individual interest.


Successful new members will embrace and display this spirit of cooperation. Still, we respect and recognize the unique background that each individual brings to our group.


I am proud to say that we have managed to build ourselves a mature community, where ignorance is rescued, but idiocy is not tolerated.


Please note:

All the people leaving or returning to other games has also had an impact on the Flaming Pie community in SWTOR. We are however interested in rekindling our presence on both the Republic and the Imperial side. To this end we are now actively looking for leadership-type characters to apply for an officer position within our fine community. This is quite an unusual course of action for us. We normally let people join as members, evaluate their talents over a period of time, and only offer an officer position when we think someone is capable of holding it. Since we are providing a short-cut now we feel it is imperative to hold a stringent selection process in the form of an actual job application.


Details can be found below.

What we offer
A mature community, with all the infrastructure in place to be successful. This icludes a community charter, code of conduct, forums, a TS3 server, and a guild bank on the Republic side.


What we require
A level-headed personality (F/M) with leadership-characteristics; such as decisiveness, patience, eloquence, intelligence and humour. For further information I would direct you to our Community Charter at [url][/url]. Any and all applications can be posted in the recruitment section on our website. Please tag your application as SWTOR Officer Application ~ followed by your ingame nick.


Ofcourse I'm available to answer any questions. You can send me a pm here or on our website, I'd be happy to assist.


With kind regards,
Coz cake just isn't good enough.

Bartle Results
E:80% S:67% A:47% K:7%


  • WolphardWolphard Member Posts: 4

    Original header altered to reflect we've moved to another server using the free transfer provided. Hidden Beks was getting a tad lonely, Nightmare Lands is bristling with activity. :)
    Coz cake just isn't good enough.

    Bartle Results
    E:80% S:67% A:47% K:7%

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