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Dying for a Good Sci Fi Game

sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

other than ME3 and EVE, im not familiar with any good sci fi games and im just dying to play one. CD Project's Steampunk has me really excited, as well as MWO and Hawken. anything else out there thats out right now?


  • CrisazgoCrisazgo Member Posts: 42

    An obvious response but.

    If you like star wars universe then the leveling on SWTOR was pretty well done and interesting. Not sure if its still expensive to buy the game or if it dropped in price yet.

  • valunvalun Member UncommonPosts: 203

    Deus Ex 2

    Are you stupid? Do you think i'm gonna waste my life for real life?image
  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition came out a while back, and I've been getting back into the base game on the hope that the updated version or the individual xpacs get a weekend sale on Steam at some point.

    If you don't already have it, totally worth it for the expanded game, easily Skyrim-levels of stuff to do. Hundreds of hours of gameplay, AND it's totally worth replays set on different playstyles and what way you wanna handle the many quests. Best game out there atm to be a bad guy in.

    ~Oh yeah, all Deus EXs on sale via Steam atm too. 75% off.

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