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The Orom

IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

The Oromëa
The Oromëa is a mature guild with members from North America, Europe and Australia. We have been a clan and close community of friends for over eight years. We are looking for new members to join with us as we move into Guild Wars 2. We are a Sylvari predominant guild but we accept the most knowledgeable Asura on occasion. Our main focus will be World vs. World and we are looking for individuals that want to build something greater than themselves. We do not plan to treat WvW as a massive point grind. We want it to mean something and we encourage you to live in our city -- to socialize, to role play, to craft -- but ultimately we want you to defend it as if it were your home.

Our mission
The Oromëa will defend our home, the Grove of the Pale Tree, with a ferocity that is unmatched. As the last portal lies open to our world, repeatedly abused and ravaged by the other ignorant races, the veil grows weaker. Our world is vulnerable and the demons from beyond seek to gain entrance. This task is ours, noble Sylvari, to protect our home from these demon invaders. It is what we were reborn to do. We must find the courage to return from where we escaped, to the world between the worlds and lost in the Mists, to make our stand. We cannot allow the power of the Rift to fall into invader hands -- if we fail, reality will be unmade and with it the Pale Tree and all things. We will not sit idle in our defense. Like a maelstrom born of mother nature's furry, we will rip out the demon's roots so they can not grow corrupt in our world and replace them with our own; stronger and more pure.

To protect, defend and master our domain in WvW. We will claim not just a keep -- we will build a community. We will build a home. We shall exercise the utmost valour, personal integrity, and communal strength in this great endeavour and we invite others to join with us. We shall do all within our united power to defeat, to push back and repel enemies within our territory. Through our viciousness to defend, we shall show to our allies the face of our friendliness, our kinsmanship, and our clan-liness and to all we shall show the mercy of decency, of etiquette and politeness, in our voices, our actions, and our ideals.

Code of Conduct

The Oromëa, kinsman and clanswoman united under one harmonious oath; due dilligence, efficient verocity, and utmost respect. Oromë's children shall uphold all the conduct of maturity, harmony, teamwork, and the etiquette of warfare -- to friend, foe, and ally alike. The Oromëa value friendship and loyalty above anything else. We fight for our friends and allies at all costs. As a member of The Oromëa you will be expected to be courteous and respectful to other players. Roleplaying is encouraged but optional and we request all members to be responsive and considerate to the roleplaying of others regardless of personal preference.

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  • IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

    Come and join us on Jade Quarry fro the next BWE June 8th-10th!

  • IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

    Be sure to join Jade Quarry for WvW with Oromëa and the Jade Legion!


    “Let all who threaten us share the experience of their deaths -- shared dream, shared knowledge, shared existence.” -Kheiron


    Edit: Didn't realise it might be difficult for others to read the text.

  • SorrowSorrow Member Posts: 1,195

    Holy cow guys that green text is really hard to read on the charcoal background.


  • IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

    We had a ton of fun on Jade Quarry for the BWE, hope everyone else did too!

  • FelixMajorFelixMajor Member RarePosts: 854

    I would love to join you all next time!

    Originally posted by Arskaaa
    "when players learned tacticks in dungeon/raids, its bread".

  • IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

    Stress test on the 27th!

  • IkkariIkkari Member Posts: 7

    Bumpity Bumpity

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