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Saga of D'Elem as MMORPG

INEdyINEdy Member Posts: 3

Greeting to everyone;)


One day It came to me: creating online forum game based on D'Elem's world can be exciting. There are races of elves, dark elves, dwarfes and humans in the Saga, and there's nothing unique in the book at first sight one may say.Oh. that's not true. There goes the race of  meders (it will be described in  the second circle of the book - Ghost Lives - that will be released in the autumn 2012). And then there goes the Battle, but not between Good and Evil and even something more.

But not only meders are the only exceptions, all the races are. I decided to add more natural features to all of the them, to make them more alive then created just by imagination.  I see them in a different way and I want to share it: Just for that I'm spending a lot of time on contemplating. How garments of elves should look like, or what philosophy dwarfes must have and what the idea of Tzetreo is. There are dozens of absolutely new things and all of them to have their places in the whole Saga, logical places.

The first circle Inner Voice took me almost a year to release: illustrations, translation check, music composing  - I couldn't let myself miss a thing.  The harder the work the more amazing the result is. And now I'm continuing the work of the the second circle and new original illustrations. Oh, Lord, I must follow the rules and can not leave the link to the website where you can check  the book's art with your own eyes  (only in private message - I hope I won't be executed for that:)). 

I'm just thinking that it is more interesting to create a hero from yourself than to copy well known character. That's what is one of the main thing in D'Elem: to be yourself and to be a hero.


Will be back soon,




I come from D'Elem


  • INEdyINEdy Member Posts: 3

    Tomorrow we’re going to make “a chalk session”: we start from elves and their architecture. Creating the idea of elven race and their capital Innolius is still under the process, but some things are already designed such as facades, structures, famous Water Clock. For me it’s really important to reflect the elven architecture on the life’s mode. It’s just obvious, like a composition. The point of “session” is to take a look on the designed elements under different angle.
    Hope the “gods” will allow me to post attachments. As links just to show you results and how it’s going on.


    I come from D'Elem

  • INEdyINEdy Member Posts: 3

    To support Saga of D'Elem. Circle One:Inner Voice book I post the first part of the synopsis.
    Someone calls it an intuition, someone - an enlightenment or the Inner Voice. But whatever it may be called, does it change the meaning? Of course not. Only existing things have meaning, the ones that really exist.

    So Yuffie, now as everything in the story begins from this young dwarfess, decides to find out (despite her grandfather's Gef warnings, it should be noted) what is out there, past the Great Hills. Of course, how could she know of the Oblivion Valley behind it, filled with its dark (and I mean "dark", can't find a better word for it) secrets and mysteries. There she meets the dark elf's ghost called Vincent, who tells her about the place. So Yuffie learns that the Valley is sealed under the spells of the Star Geniuses and nobody can leave it - no matter dead or alive. But anyone can enter it. You are welcome, as they say.
    There is something special about the Valley's inhabitants - when they die, they return to life a day later, but in the other incarnation. And a completely unpredictable one. Take Fentra - an amphibian creature with three fins and a very long neck which comes to head with only one eye. That's its look for now, and nobody knows what it will become in the future. But it would be known very soon that Fentra can fly - what to say, the metamorphoses of this place are truly wonderful and unpredictable.
    The Inner Voice tells Vincent that there is an escape from even this place, and he decides to check his theory with a help from Yuffie. So the dwarfess finds herself on a small island in the centre of the Great Swamp, carried there by air on Fentra's back. There she would descend through the grotto to the underworld and get into the Temple of Mysterious Paths - the place of World Masters' gathering, and also the mystics of forest, elemental and mechanical orders. The latter built it several centuries ago, and surrounded the Temple with the powerful seals of protective magic so that no one could disturb their mysteries.
    The day when Yuffie left the Oak Fortress, comes to an end. To repress his fears about her disappearance, her grandpa Gefestion asks the dark elf's oracle Meckero for help, but he is unable to penetrate the so far unknown defense with his inner sight (it must be said that Meckero is incredibly skilled in magic arts, and is destined to replace his father Stzyrius on the post of High Priest of Inmetron for continuing to serve the will of the dark elf’s' deity - Kheora).

    to be continued....

    I come from D'Elem

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