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[A][Medivh-US] Rebels and Pirates

MidnitteMidnitte Member Posts: 510

Who we are:
Former raiders who have been through guilds filled with drama that ended up interfering with the game, we love to joke, have discussions, and play the game without having drama over loot or what he said/she said.

What we do:
Running heroics and looking to start raiding with dedicated and relaxed people. We use ventrilo and offer a relaxed environment to play the game (it is just a game) and help you and the guild expand.

Why we do it:
Because we have busy lives and want friends to play a game with that doesn't come with hidden agendas or strings attached.

Where to apply:
Our website, or message either Midnitte, Kuroneko, Castings, Hydra, or Saelyda ingame.



  • kitkat700kitkat700 Member Posts: 12

    looks promising guild family to be part of...

    i want my character to level up and i think this is the best guild to join into...

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