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The Blood Elves are back.

bandinorielbandinoriel Member Posts: 1


Bal’a dash, malanore, come re-roll on a high populated realm, you can apply online and find out more about us here:        Or read below. 



The subordinate races of the Alliance and even the Horde mock our kind for our half destroyed capital, still-standing statues of Sunstrider and our devastated kingdom.


No more. Covenant of the sin'dorei is once again on the move


After a long time Covenant of the sin'dorei is currently recruiting to our social community and our RP-PvP team. When possible we also aim for raiding.



Join and be one to help write a new chapter in Covenant of the sin'dorei glorious history. Only Blood Elves and there strongest allies from the horde may apply for a membership.



Covenant of the sin'dorei Legacy:


The Covenant was created from a branch of the crippled High Elven Farstriders to secure and safeguard the Sin'dorei pilgrims on their journeys to the promised lands of Outland.


Once fiercely loyal to Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, the order discarded its vows to the royal family when the Wretched prince betrayed his people.


In fury due to the betrayal of their beloved prince, Arya Elessaril turned into a Blood Elven Inquisition, hunting down Blood Elves who had succumbed to their magical addiction, even harassing thalassian citizens on the mere suspicion that they might turn Wretched.


Today, with the Sunwell restored and the Inquisition disbanded, Covenat of the Sindorei has became a strong nationalistic party in Silvermoon, advocating a reborn Quel'thalas, free from the dependency of the lesser races and the brute that now leads the Horde.


We have the will. We have the arms. From here you'll be a part of our history...



  • kitkat700kitkat700 Member Posts: 12

    do you have any specific level or character to join the guild????

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