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Any Non-USA/Canada Player Around?

bluebob11bluebob11 Member Posts: 12

Hi All,

I was gonna try out Shadowbane with the 20 days trial (15 days only actually; the 5 days promo code didnt work :p) but when it came to activating my account i could not get it right. Seems like on the 3rd page i need to use my credit card, which i did but it only accept credit card from USA and Canada. didnt really help much. Any advise or suggestion? It looks like a very cool game and i really wanna try it :(



  • ManilixManilix Member Posts: 29
    hmm dont have an anwser for ye m8. but shoulden be a problem using EU CC.  i am. so it does work on regular accounts. dno bout trial accounts thou.
  • bluebob11bluebob11 Member Posts: 12

    Thanks mate! The thing is that in the country field i can only choose United State or Canada :(

  • _Xzi__Xzi_ Member Posts: 2
    Check this out : Ubisoft :(Check on bottom of the page) Is this right? US/Canadian only? thats lame :( was going to give this trial a try today, but if its US/Canada only i dont bother to download. Any European players whos playing now?
  • iinfideliinfidel Member Posts: 34
    I just installed the trial client and have the same problem. Unfortunately, trial keys from fileplanet (and probably anywhere else) also only allow US/Canada credit cards. I'm not sure why narrows down their potential subscriber base down like this, I'd like to have given the game a try before I lay down any cash.


  • iinfideliinfidel Member Posts: 34

    Good news for all concerned!

    I went snooping around and found this page, allowing EU users to apply for a 15 day trial key. Mine hasn't arrived yet, but the page also says "Note: If you lost or did not receive a CD-Key fromUbisoft, please use the following CD-Key: SET-CGJ5-3W23-G7GQ-QYA2)". Hopefully the extra day promotion keys that and fileplanet are giving out will still work with this, though the most important thing to note is that the CC drop down box now includes all the normal countries that you'd expect to see.

    Now to find my credit card image


  • _Xzi__Xzi_ Member Posts: 2
    Yeah! It works! image
  • bluebob11bluebob11 Member Posts: 12

    Woohoo~!!! it Works~~~ ::::40::

    Thanks for the help :) ::::08::::::08::::::08::

    Cya in game :)

  • The-ReaperThe-Reaper Member Posts: 5
    Woot! image


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