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Considering joining Shadowbane

m3thm3th Member Posts: 25

Hey guys.

After making a thread in the Pub about open pvp, full loot games some of the great community members at MMORPG.COM suggested Shadowbane.

Apparently it offers great PVP in a novel format.

Ive downloaded the client and notice I have to enter my credit card number just to trial it. I saw the other thread in this forum, however is there anyway to get around this?

If not, no matter. I suppose it would weed out the kiddy players anyway.

Im in Australia. If the server is in the US, ill get a ping of around 200-400. Will this be a problem? (especially for compeditive PVP)

Twitch based combat like some of the new MMOFPS games just are not worth playing for me on an international connection. However games like UO, NWN and WoW are.

Thanks for you help.


  • XiatXiat Member Posts: 10

    First off, welcome to Shadowbane.

    To answer some questions, yes it is open PvP, but no it is not full loot. You can loot inventory but not equipment.

    Shadowbane isn't about twitch so 200-400 ping won't ruin your gaming experience.

  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    Shadowbane has RPG style movement, so with that ping you may encounter some "rubberbanding" while fighting.

    Im not sure how you setup your account, but I know a few aussys that play the game, and somehow ALOT of korean's have figured out how to get in, so its not just a US/Canada only thing. Im not sure how you change over to asia/europe tho...

  • The-ReaperThe-Reaper Member Posts: 5
    Through my time in SB I have met a lot of people from all over the world, I've seen and actually have Aussies in my guild. Have had friends from France, Belgium and Sweden as well, I was just talking with someone who lives in Asia. So playing this game is fine from just about anywhere in the world.


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