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The Ultimate 2.5D MMO Experience!

LLunaticLLunatic Member Posts: 10

Hello Community!
I am here to share with you some of the details of Red Stone! If you are interested and have any questions please feel free to post. I'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Get your game on and have fun!

Red Stone is a very unique game in many ways. It has alot of features not often seen in MMOs these days. Here are just a few.
Transform System
Although Red Stone really has 19 separate classes, each of those are tied to others making for even more expansion and customization of your character. Use this ability to your advantage in battle, weaken your foes with one class then change class mid battle to finish them off. You can become proficient in both of the available classes of your character, and switch between them very easily. Learning the strategy of switching classes during combat may mean life or death in some situations.
Charge Point System
Red Stones charge point system is very much like any other games Mana point system, its a pool of points you have to draw from to use skills or cast spells. The difference between mana and charge points (CP) though, is the manner in which you replenish it. Yes you can use a potion, as most games traditionally have potions. But the more effective way is to learn how to use your skills to maintain your CP and be able to continue to fight.
Some skills use CP and some skills gain CP. Learning which do which allows you to strategize which skills to use at which times. Also keep in mind that running exhausts CP so walking while you’re in battle is a good idea.
Skill Point System
Most MMOs these days, you level up you get a reward. You don’t get rewarded till you level up. Its like saying that you are 16 until your 17th birthday, but what about all of those days in between? What about all of the time between levels? Shouldn’t you get something for that? Shouldn’t you be able to say I’m 16 and a half? Who doesn’t like birthday presents all year round?
Red Stone does not just reward you for your levels, but it rewards you every step of the way to those levels too. Skill points are broken into percents of your level, each time you get a certain percent of a level, you get another skill point. Those skill points add up quickly so that you can spend them on the skills you want, even if you are in the middle of a level.
Completely Customizable Characters
I don’t mean what your character looks like. Many of the people who have tried Red Stone in the past have complained they cannot change the way their character looks. But don’t be turned off by this small fact. Really what does it matter what your character looks like anyway. Like what does it matter what the graphics look like if the game itself is fun? Think back to the games of your childhood. Didn’t you enjoy those?
When i say "fully customizable" i mean the BUILD of your character. Each of the characters in Red Stone can be built many different ways. Most commonly the main builds are knowledge and power.
Take for example an archer. Yes you’re gonna think this is a little funny but in Red Stone power = physical damage, knowledge = magical damage. This goes across the board. A physical damaging archer, would not put into dexterity as you might think, but into power because power = physical damage.
So an archer can be a power build. Interval shooter, careful aim, chaser, glider (the common power skills). She can be very effective on a single target doing physical damage. Or...
An archer can be a knowledge build. Magic Arrow, Rain of Fire, guardian post, waterfall (the common knowledge skills). She can deal magic damage to multiple targets.
This is the difference between putting into the stats of Knowledge or Power. Every character has this ability to go several paths down their skills. Each character can be built many ways.
Vast Prefix System and Item Customization
There are 100s of different prefixes in Redstone. Each of which has its purpose and each of which has its rarity. A lot like Diablo was known for the item dropping system is based on random rolls, however you can try to turn the rolls in your favour by investing in magic drop gear and the stat Luck. Luck increases the chances of dropping better and better items. Item hunting is an enjoyable pastime. And with frequent Item drop Events put on by OGP it’s a profitable use of your time.
OGP has released into the item shop some very powerful items to alter the prefixes of your items. Duplicate rare prefixes, pull the prefix off one item and put it onto another, upgrading existing prefixes. With these items you are able to virtually make any item you desire (with chance of failure). Making it so you can even further fine tune your character to play how you want to play it.
Guild System
Red Stone has a very well structured guild system. You are able to join a guild at level 10 and you are rewarded with stat and skill bonuses (dependant on guild).
Several ranks in the guild list allow for the guild master to give permissions to whom he sees fit for the job.
Guild storage allows guild members to share items and gold with each other. Shop at the guild merchant to get discounts on frequently purchased items like potions.
Guild chat keeps us all able to communicate with each other.
Guild vs Guild wars are a head to head challenge between your guild and an opposing team (Can be set any time by the guild master).
Siege wars are a weekly guild vs guild match to capture/defend territory (only on Saturdays at set times).
Get a guild crest so members can proudly represent their guild mark.
Guild dungeons are instanced dungeons that give incredible amounts of experience and items for guild members only.
Raise in the ranks and be able to activate the guild masters blessing, a 2 hour exp bonus for all the guild members (available once a week for guild hall 4 and 5).
Hotkeys and Controls
This may seem a little strange for some, but what would you rather do? Be able to put your fingers very comfortably on home row to play a game, or have to reach over your entire keyboard to hit those silly F keys for your skills?
The hotkeys in Red Stone are not customizable at this time. But they are very well placed. your main hotkeys for skills and equipment are your home row placement (qwertasdfg) all other hotkeys are conveniently placed around where your hand is already resting. Reach up to use belt items 1-5. Up a little higher to the F keys to get your menus (F1-F8).
Click to move and simple targeting, the ability to assign skills to your left click (offensive and defensive). Red Stone is really a very comfortable game to play.
Quests and Secret Dungeons
Red Stone offers 100s of quests to complete, many with significant rewards. Main Quest is the story of the game. The main quest is currently 5 chapters long and takes you through 100s of levels of gameplay.
General quests are those done to help NPCs with tasks and offer a little incentive.
Title quests are tasks given by NPCs to gain useful titles for your character including more inventory space, the ability to sell items to other players in a street stall, increased potion efficiency, faster health recovery, increased magical damage, increased bank capacity and much more.
Master quests are class specific quests that allow you to become stronger when you have mastered one or more of your skills.
Secret Dungeons are limited daily quests that offer massive experience rewards. These quests have to be done in a party and a key must be obtained to enter.
Guild Dungeons are also limited daily quests that you and your guild mates can to together, they offer massive experience rewards and good item drops.
Level cap and Rebirthing
Red Stone has a very high level cap at 999, reaching this cap has never before been accomplished. In the vast continent of Prandel there are 100s of training areas with ever growing difficulty of monsters to kill. With such a high level cap you can never get bored. There’s always something more to work for.
Once you have reached 600 you are able to partake in the Rebirthing system. Rebirthing allows you to give your character a new life while still retaining all the benefits you had prior. It gives extra stat and skill points and a glowing ring on your character to signify your accomplishment.
Tameable Pets
Both a tamer and a Necromancer are able to tame monsters in Prandel to be their pets. There are many to choose from. Every monster has its strengths and weaknesses in combat. More information on what pets are available and how to use their special abilities can be found on the OGPlanet Redstone forums.
Mini Pets
Mini pets are a premium item offered by OGP. Mini pets are very beneficial to all character classes and each have their own skills to aid in your journey to find the Red Stone. Some of their skills include: Healing you, giving you first aid, picking up gold and items for you, increasing your stats and skills, attacking to deal extra damage, charging your CP, increasing the level of items you are able to equip and much more.
Be sure to check out Red Stone today! You are sure to be hooked. See you in game!

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