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Pathfinder Online (Sandbox) has 48 hours left on Kickstarter



  • ThorbrandThorbrand Member Posts: 1,198
    Originally posted by GrumpyMel2
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Originally posted by Thorbrand
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Originally posted by Quirhid
    Originally posted by BlackUhuru
    Oh and I forgot to add that Bioware has no track record with mmo's, they tried to make one with a quarter billion and failed.

    Is it just me or does the development budget for SWTOR increase everytime someone mentions it on these forums?

    At least Bioware have some experiences with VIDEO GAMES. Now think about how worse it can be if Bioware only has TABLETOP RPG experience.

    FYI...Table top RPGs is why MMO exist in the first place and the best MMO mimic those the best.

    So? A table top game have to deal with may be 5 players, with NO technology and a MMO has to deal with thousands of players, with a heavy technology aspect. The implementation, and issues are totally different.

    Take D&D .. the online version & the table top versions are totally different.

    Ultimately the function of ANY game, video or otherwise is to provide FUN, ENTERTAINMENT and a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE for it's fans. From my perspective PAIZO is more experienced at THAT then 99 percent of the AAA Video Game Developers out there.... who seem clueless as to how to provide even a remotely entertaining experience or treat thier fans/customers in positive or even barely respectable fashion.

    But by all means, if you are getting a positive experience from what Electronic Arts or Activision provides you, continue to provide them your patronage. As for me, I'd rather take up up bobbing for pirhanna then continue to experience the products/services those companies are providing. It'd be a more pleasant experience overall.

    At least Paizo has never been voted "Worst Company in America."

    Stated perfectly!

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