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LF F2P, crafting, PvE

Matticus88Matticus88 Member Posts: 2

I am looking for a Free to play game that perhaps has purchasable items in-game for real money, but that does not overpower those who do pay for things. Also, I like games with crafting, and other skills that relate to crafting, Such as Mining > Smelting > Forging new weapons and armor, etc.


A Game that is predominately PvE is prefered, but one that has a optional PvP part to the game, such as joining clans/guilds that can compete agains't other clans/guilds in specific areas of the game world/map or during certain events.


A Bit like Runescape, how that games crafting works and the pvp etc, but i'd like a 3D game, client based too. Does anybody know of a game such as this?


  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    well, you didnt write much about what do you want except pve, crafting and 3d, that can be many really different games - from eq2/lotro to istaria/ryzom/fallen earth to wurm online

  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

    Try STO.

  • RealedazedRealedazed Member UncommonPosts: 105

    I've been playing alot of Fallen Earth and LOTRO online. I subbed to FE so I could get into a clan and have some restrictions lifted.  I think I may do the same for LOTRO.   I actually like FE since everything is player crafted. I like selling crafting and selling, so I'm having fun looking for materials, processing them and selling or just selling raw materials for profit.

    As for PVE, I think its OK.  No autoattack, so you fire or swing with a mouse click. I'm doing rifles and play a sniper role. Head shots give extra damage.  I'm the last person you should talk about for combat though. I'm a crafting person.

    LOTRO has a festival going on right now that has my attention. I've been participating in that, questing and running around with my Hunter/explorer looking for materials to sell. I really want to try out their housing system which, unfortuately starts at level 15.  But, I htink you can start crafting at level 5.

    Hope I didn't ramble on too much. But, I think you can play both games for free. FE has slower XP gains, longer harvesting timer, etc for free players. But, if you don't mind you can play for free. You do get reward points to spend in the shop, but it's going to take FOREVER to get anything cool.  I can't talk about LOTRO at the moment, but so far as a free player, I'm having fun.

  • nolic1nolic1 Member UncommonPosts: 716

    From what you say you are looking for both the titles above Lotro and Fallen Earth are good most likely the better of most F2P mmo's. Lotro has a great PvE and a decent PvP right now the crafting is good and comes in handy even at later lvls. You also earn in game CS money by completing different tasks in game and such so its really well worth it if you can get the road to Moria thing from a Gamestop or buy it through Gamestop online for $20 US you get alot of content unlocked and some extra goodies also it takes time to get to max lvl not like most mmo's where you can lvl to max in a week.

    FE or Fallen Earth is also really good has a good mix of both PvE and PvP but PvP does not really start till the upper lvls around 20+ I think I am not really sure only lvl 17 on my main who is a rifle crafter and my alt is a lvl 12 melee mutations person but she puts out alot of dmg. The crafting in FE is awsome but only if you sub other wise its one item at a time when crafting unlike before you could craft and log and when you got back on most of your crafts would be finished now its have one in que while playing and then when its done start another its really the only downfall right now.

    Another ok F2P if you want to craft is EQ2 has some of the best crafting to date but mainly do to having player housing but gear wise you can craft only one type per toon so you would have to make multiple toons to craft everything in the game and I think theres 8 or 9 not sure cause I only have 4 crafters and they are weaponsmith, armorer, tailer, and woodworker mainly cause thats all I need. But if you dont want to do major end-game such as raids you can craft some good stuff for you toon and go to max lvl with crafted gear.

    I would list a few others like DCUO, Champions, and Star trek online they all have a good crafting system STO is better but there really good F2P also AION isnt to bad ethier but feels like Lineage 2 with a better WASD controls and a WoW path play still a good totally free game though. Other then these I listed unless you want some good games with bad crafting I would say stick to Lotro, Fallen Earth, or EQ2 for what your looking for.

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