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If SWTOR completely fails is there hope of SWG coming back?

styles74styles74 Member Posts: 222


I mean now that SWG shut down b/c of SWTOR's release, do you think that SWG could make a triumphant return with all of the lessons learned - with dramatically improved features - new engine, etc.

I mean i know its $OE we're talking about , but still... what do you guys think? 

If SWTOR shuts down, it's undeniable that  there will be a gap in Star Wars MMO's!!!!

I played SWG pre-NGE, and i have to say i might give it a shot !

Not to say that SWTOR will completely collapse, but it just doesn't look very good right about now.

My heart goes out to the 200 people that were laid off...

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.

- John Wooden


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