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Gameforge Launcher Error : PLEASE HELP! :)

zyron1234zyron1234 Member Posts: 5


When i try to launch Aion from the NCSoft launcher by clicking on the shortcut this comes up :


[Launcher error] Deletion of the temporary folder during the automatic

update failed.

Please reinstall the launcher.


PS1_5_C:Program FilesGameforge|NCLauncher emp

I have already tried to reinstall it by deleting the whole Gameforge folder and going to the website to download and install the launcher but it still wont work.. :/

Does this happen to anyone else? If so please let me know. And also if anyone knows the solution id be grateful, thanks :)





  • MMOSavantMMOSavant Member Posts: 170

    It wont patch properly for me either. Epic fail, don't bother.

  • zyron1234zyron1234 Member Posts: 5

    Do you get this excact same error? 

    And I found the solution, well it worked for me anyway.. I changed myself to an administrator and it worked :)


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