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Skyrim Wall Now Holds Up The Ceiling At Bethesda

firefly2003firefly2003 Member UncommonPosts: 2,527

Remember that wall from Skyrim's very first teaser ? with the cool architecture and carved dragons?  After being built for use at assorted trade shows promoting Skyrim, the wall has finally found a home in Bethesda Game Studios’ lounge. The wall was designed by Bethesda artist Adam Adamowicz, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. A plaque has been placed beside the wall to honor the late artist.

[via BethBlog]


  • DerangedcowbrainDerangedcowbrain Member UncommonPosts: 56

    Very cool indeed!

  • DewmDewm Member UncommonPosts: 1,337



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  • LinkSmashLinkSmash Member Posts: 8

    That's crazy!  Wow!  I wonder if that was built in sections or just one large slab that's chizzled.

  • PalladinPalladin Member UncommonPosts: 430

    it has to be sectional its to tall to fit through any door

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  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Member Posts: 1,156
    Originally posted by Palladin

    it has to be sectional its to tall to fit through any door

    Doh! How the hell am i going to steal it?

  • KenFisherKenFisher Member UncommonPosts: 5,035

    That is awesome!

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