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frustrated..looking for a guild

face30face30 Member UncommonPosts: 193
I restarted after a few years,more like 2 or 3 to be exact, just go a feel for the game again and found it annoying and frustrating that i have a few level 12's and a few toons i been messing with but the noob islands are so empty being all noobs just get PL'd now being they are just alts. I would really like to get into the game again but my 50 druid and 44 scout are long gone. I am not on the trial i actually repurchased that game regretting to have ever walked away from the best pvp environment of any game. Anyway if anyone remembers Madsen or Laray on mourning give me a shout because would really like to start playing again. Anyserver is really fine ,just a little help..more like relief from boredom of the solo game would be appreciated. That is if your accepting any of us older folks , we can be annoyingly mature and we all know it.


  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    Well if you can wait for the lore server, you could start a charecter there & play. I hear many are coming back for it, I am for sure. The only 2 things changed for lore is charters actualy matter & you can't buff or heal someone not in you charter/guild, go to SBlore for info. I am a member of link my username is Edward78 on both forums.

  • flea1flea1 Member Posts: 250

    go play on test. Its the lore server rules and 90% of the players on it. I never have trouble finding a group on newb isle. Now once ya chose a faction ya can be lonely but thats at 22.

    Side note if WP wants to make there game get a second wind they will have to do some things.

    1 NA bane WoOs no more asian nation zerg at 6am bs

    2 clean up global chat seems so many mentally ill children play the game now.


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  • MaxziusMaxzius Member UncommonPosts: 248

    Originally posted by flea1

    2 clean up global chat seems so many mentally ill children play the game now.

    Aye.  This is a problem in my mind, as well.  But, until people grow up you can just turn off the global channel like alot of people already do.

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