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Pros, Cons, and Lists of Problems

(Last Updated Apr. 15, 2012)

Coming from someone who's played since May 2010 (Akali patch).



- Almost 100 different champs to choose from with new ones patched in every approx. 2 weeks.

- Plenty to learn for new players, ie. Champ roles, Jungling, Map Awareness/Management.

- IP (Earnable currency) can be used to purchase everything minus skins.

- Masteries and Runes offer plenty of customization.

- Customer Service tickets are usually replied to within a full day.



- Some champions are delibrately better than others, ie. Evelynn vs. Twitch/Shaco.

- Unless you duo queue with an experienced friend, you will have very little control over whether you win or lose.

- The same can be said of 5v5 premade, but good luck finding 4 GOOD players.

- Horrendous community, mostly flooded with new, inexperienced players.

- These players "judge" (Ban) you via the Tribunal system. You will inevitably appear here if you chat in-game.

- And the greatest con of all? Riot doesn't give a damn!




>Scrub No.1: IT'S A FREE GAME!

It sure is! At least until you buy a couple skins, or a couple champs, or both. Then anything you say in-game could get that all taken away from you. Fun!


>Scrub No.2: ALL CHAMPS ARE BALANCED! (Prepare for TL;DR list of problems!)

This statement is so untrue that it makes me cringe. It'd be impossible for me to list every imbalance, but here's my take:

- Champs that get unconditional free escapes (Uninterruptable Flash/Dash) with lvl 1 abilites (This does not include cc abilities):

  • Caitlyn - 90 Caliber Net (Probably the toughest to utilize)

  • Corki - Valkyrie (Above all others)

  • Ezreal - Arcane Shift

  • Fizz - Playful Trickster

  • Graves - Quickdraw

  • Jarvan - Demacian Standard > Dragon Strike (Only escape to require 2 skills!)

  • Kennen - Lightning Rush (With passive? Yeah.)

  • LeBlanc - Distortion

  • Riven - Broken Wings + Valor

  • Sejuani - Arctic Assault

  • Shaco - Decieve

  • Shen - Shadow Dash

  • Tristana - Rocket Jump (Right under Valkyrie)

  • Tryndamere - Spinning Slash

  • Vayne - Tumble

  • Ziggs - Satchel Charge

- Conditional free escapes (Requiring friendly/enemy targets):


  • Irelia - Bladesurge

  • Jax - Leap Strike

  • Katarina - Shunpo

  • Lee Sin - Sonic Wave + Safeguard

  • Maokai - Twisted Advance

  • Pantheon - Aegis of Zeonia

  • Poppy - Devestating Blow (Side Note: This ability follows champs even AFTER they flash.)

  • Renekton - Slice and Dice (To be fully utilized)

  • Talon - Cutthroat

  • Wukong - Nimbus Strike

  • Xin Zhao - Audacious Charge

- Other conditional free escapes (Skillshots that can be blocked by enemy targets)

  • Gragas - Body Slam

  • Nautilus - Dredge Line

That means 30% (29/97) champs get a GTFO button and 70% (68/97) don't!



>Scrub No.3: RIOT DOES CARE!

Not when there's a list of problems like the one above!


More to be added later, including solutions to the problems. I'm just tired of writing now.


  • ElminzterElminzter Member UncommonPosts: 282

    it's a shallow game, good for casual players thats why it's f2p.

  • hermitrihermitri Member Posts: 2

    Originally posted by Elminzter

    it's a shallow game, good for casual players thats why it's f2p.

    Originally posted by Hermitri

    >Scrub No.1: IT'S A FREE GAME!

    It sure is! At least until you buy a couple skins, or a couple champs, or both. Then anything you say in-game could get that all taken away from you. Fun!

  • RevofireRevofire Member UncommonPosts: 269

    I really enjoy the game... I am concerned about the voting though.

    Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale

  • ZoterixZoterix Member Posts: 20

    Evelynn wil be reworked... when thats a good quiestion, the problem with these stealth champs are team fights, they dont deliver enough compared to others, but if you want to finish the game fast make a lot off ganks they works and the enemy will most likely surrender before 20...



    I think you are not lvl 30, because if yes then you have done tribunal cases and you know its a pretty good system you need more persons to vote on you to get realy banned and revelaing tribunal cases on forums (if you are so afraid.. I can imagine why) you will break the rules etc...

    AND everyone who is complaining about Tribunal have some serious behavoiur problems etc :) I m not afraid of tribunal I m not feeding I m not raging (mostly) so its ok :) If you do then its just good you deserve it.

    Now this CONS are realy a big mystery to me, so you play this game for 2 years and you have problems with champions escape abilities... well... you cant be serious...Try use Stun, Snare, Silence...

  • xholyaccxholyacc Member Posts: 57

    I agree with OP, i will admit it LoL player base filled with troll and rager, i play lol since 2009 (just quit yesterday) and i really know the community is sucks. The tribunal system is also laugable, i never get banned/warning even thought i leave sometimes in ranked game

    for those who said that eve will be reworked, i will tell you that riot just lie. they got a godly marketing system that their fanboy trust them so much. they wont release another champ if they want to do stealth rework, or if they really care about eve/twitch they should have done an alternatife like taking the stealth skill and changin its to something more usefull, or do some tweaks to make them par to the competitive champs. They just want to milk some people money by constantly make a champ that really not much different with other champ (they only mixed several champ abilities and tweak it and called it original)

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