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what is a game like rose?

Since Rose is gone...I was wondering if there are any other games out there like it?

I liked the fact you can set up a shop and sell and buy stuff from other people like that............are there any other games like this one that has this?image


  • SackynutSackynut Member Posts: 558

    what happened to rose?


  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322


    That game is coming out next month so you can wait for it. What happened to rose by the way?

  • sexyexxxysexyexxxy Member Posts: 2

    they are gonna open it up in europe and set it up to pap $18 a month maybe in september.

    this is the link  http://www.manifest-online.net/

  • LilM1styLilM1sty Member Posts: 9

    Ohh, I am soo gonna miss this?  Couldn't they just...you know, tell us instead of changing this whole, darned thing?  Great, looks like I have to start over from scratch image.  By the way, is anyone familiar to my character, Marienna, a level 31 muse?  Please, pm me!

    Also, I was planning to level up my character, and play the game for an hour or two today.  Tsk, so much for that plan today...



    Also, according to this new ROSE, a new website that we've seemed to have recieve:  (www.roseonlinegame.com)

    From Sept 1st – 21st, we will be inviting select Fileplanet subscribers to join our closed beta for
    the month of September.
    Applying for a beta account is quick and easy.

    Simply visit the Fileplanet website for more details on how you can get invited.

    Only a limited number of accounts will be given out so sign up today!

    And dude, can't they give us a link to Fileplanet?  I've googled out two and there are dotcoms and dotnets.

    iRose Online Charcter:
    Marienna, level 31, Muse
    eRose or naRose Character:
    Casalena (something-or-other), in the 20's, crafter

    DUDE, if you know me, please get my attention somehow. I now know i/eRose doesn't work anymore, & I don't p2p naRose. (Oct'07) This is just as I feared.... T_T

    If you do, please include your ROSE character username, to see if I can recognise you. Thanks!

    Maplestory/Trickster, anyone? (Oct 2007)

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