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Class's and Ranks and Guild.

SpiderSlayerSpiderSlayer Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone my GW name is Nimbus The Great      I am a E/R 18 Just about to asend. If you would like to add me to your friends list or somthing. You can also join our guild just contact me. We are the Chainsaw Throwing Monkeys.image


  • jeb2jeb2 Member Posts: 22

    As of yet, i feel Gw is the best game i have EVER played

    i cant seem to get my tongue around how ppl dont like it...but i guess every1 has different tastes!!image

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    5 star game for sure! it owns :)

  • PeeksPeeks Member Posts: 12

    I can surely understand why people like this game, but didn't really like it myself.


  • Nikko_91Nikko_91 Member Posts: 40

    m i agree good game


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