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My complaints this far with guild wars

jonsnow13jonsnow13 Member Posts: 67

First off when I bought guild wars I was under the impression that I wouldn't  have to spend countless hours leveling/finding skills.   Instead, I was under the impression I could just log in and play pvp like I would counter-strike and just have a go at it and be on EQUAL playing level.  This came as a  huge disapointment to me.  They've done things this far since launch to help out some of these problems but still they are a HUGE issue for me.  I simply refuse to play another character to level 20 and spend  hours trying to get the skills I need to just pvp and have fun.


My biggest complaint of all is the pvp party system.  It's horrible.  You go into a freaking server and shout your class, your name, your experience... etc.  It all ends up being a SPAM fest in the freakin chat channel which is just a horrible idea.  This can make finding pick up groups for those counter-strike moments you want to just log in and play take hours to ever get to play.  Then factor in that pick up groups tend to be a pain in the ass trying to find a good one.

Why didn't they add a find a party system?  Something like this; you can log in a server, hit find a party and it'll bring up a list of parties looking for someone, and people who are looking for parties.  You can then filter the list based on class, so if you were looking for a warrior, etc you could just hit warrior primary, and then pick the secondary.    This would make finding a group sooo much easier and quicker. 


Why isn't there a random pick up group option for the tournaments as well?  Why didnt' they make it easy and just allow you to hit find random group and once 8 people are found it'll send you all into the tournament like they do in all the other arena's?

Why aren't there more options for pvp?  No 1 on 1 (even though the game's not built for it, it wouldn't be hard to implement)?   

No large scale battles (once again even if the game was ment for 8 on 8, they could still implement something and let it take it's own turn)?

I mean this game in terms of content SUCKS.   The skills are awesome but they're the only reason to play this game, since I find pvping in this game harder to FIND fun then in any other MMORPG out there.  I'd rathre run for 30 minutes into DAOC's frontier and find someone to kill and know I'm going to get to pvp then to wait an hour in the tombs trying to find a group that's any good.


I  guild hop a lot to try to find a guild that can eleviate this problem, but to no avail...


  • HelixwolfHelixwolf Member Posts: 345
    When I first bought GW I was really hoping for a "join party" system similar to CoH's... Unfortunately I found out that I had to spam my name among others to find a team which could take thirty minutes to an hour to find if I wasn't lucky. So in general, yes the way to find a party really stinks, but if you're a Monk it's not that bad.


  • via_paradoxivia_paradoxi Member Posts: 22

    you are aware that when you are facing 4 teams in the arenas at a have a total of 32 people on the field...i think thats amazing...and i dislike finding and picking for i just go to random arena...or gvg...anyways -it is an rpg where you must unlock skills to be that of an equal to players who have earned everything...would you rather have something show and benifit you for all the laboring hours that you spent leveling up...get over it, ass

    "There's such a fine line between good an evil"

  • Nikko_91Nikko_91 Member Posts: 40
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