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RYL: Path of the Emperor: $1,000,000 Tournament Suspended

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Planetwide Games announced today that it is suspending play on their $1,000,000 Skill Based Tournament. Apparently, the company became aware of a large amount of activity that they deemed "unfair". While no specific details were made available, organizers have suspended play until further notice. 

Aliso Viejo, CA - August 30, 2005, Planetwide Games the producer of the RYL: Path of the Emperor $1,000,000 Skill-based Tournament announced the suspension of the Tournament effective immediately.

After several weeks of skill-based Tournament play, the Company discovered a large amount of unfair tournament activity, and non-compliance with Tournament rules and regulations in the form of fraudulent tournament play.  Fraudulent Tournament play has undermined the original plan and intent of the Tournament, as well as its inherent fairness and integrity.

The Company has documented unfair activity prior to making the decision to suspend the tournament. Company findings indicate that certain individuals have breached the Tournament rules and regulations and we are investigating other violations of Tournament rules.  Effective immediately, the Tournament is officially suspended until further notice.


Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • gmantisgmantis Member Posts: 62

    Wow this is gonna get some people pissed.

  • Jd1680aJd1680a Member Posts: 398

    Originally posted by gmantis

    Wow this is gonna get some people pissed.

    The only people who would get pissed is the ones who are cheating.

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  • GonodilGonodil Member Posts: 335

    Originally posted by Jd1680a
    The only people who would get pissed is the ones who are cheating.

  • TrakenTraken Member Posts: 172

    Okay, did anyone not see this coming? I'm just kind of wondering.

  • chillemi66chillemi66 Member Posts: 24
    oh well seems to me like this was going to happen great marketing on this companies part to get people to play a crappy game and now people are pissed how could no one see this coming

    anthony j chillemi jr.

  • paradymeparadyme Member Posts: 238

    If by cheating they meant ppl not buyin and playing the game then yes there were lots and lots of ppl cheating. ::::33::

  • LadyChaosLadyChaos Member Posts: 16

    Hmmm, Maybe just a shoddy excuse for not being successful enough to afford to pay the winner???  Otherwise, wouldn't they be better off to systematically eliminate the cheaters during the remaining course of the contest? Now, I'm sure nobody's happy with the game.

    Consistently poor reviews kept me and my avatars from wasting time and money.  Thanks to those of you who took the time to comment on your RYL experiences.  LadyChaos will wait for Darkfall or Conan.image


  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Thought ir read;

    RYL: Path of the Emperor: Suspended

    Maybe that's next? ::::30::

    Well there goes the end game content.

  • gmantisgmantis Member Posts: 62

    Originally posted by Jd1680a
    Originally posted by gmantis
    Wow this is gonna get some people pissed.The only people who would get pissed is the ones who are cheating.

    What about all the peeps that put up with the game for a shot a prize. i guess a million dollar prizes dont work in video games. First Majesco now this.

  • BronksBronks Member Posts: 222

    Yup, I knew this would happen when they can barely fill two regular-play servers. One quick jump into the tourney server proved they didn't have the revenue coming in to pay out one million... what a joke.

  • jackman11118jackman11118 Member Posts: 399

    What about all the peeps that put up with the game for a shot a prize. i guess a million dollar prizes don't work in video games. First majesco now this.

    Wrong. They work in FPS and RTS games quite well. But most of those are held where officials are watching the screens and making sure no one has any form of hacks. Cs tourneys worth like half a mil are held in texas yearly.

    anyway. Obviously this is fake. They did not even intend on paying 1 million dollars. what a joke, and i completely saw this coming.


  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    Lets completely ignore the 1mil on the line here... and just focus on the facts:

    1) Only people who are dumb enough to fall for a $1,000,000 prize would be dumb enough to play a game as bad as RYL. In other words - you all had this coming.


  • MalakaiMalakai Member Posts: 147
    Yeah I seriously doubt that they ever planned to actually pay out 1 million dollars for a contest.  But if they did maybe them coughing up the money for this might have had something to do with them rethinking there little contest image Well.... that and the fact that not alot of people play their game lol.
  • ReRollerReRoller Member Posts: 61

    lol Malakai. Nice looking offices.

    The RYL 1M prize ads where around a while ago. Never understood or cared to find out what the contest was but "RYL: Path of the Emperor: $1,000,000 Tournament Suspended" definatly peeked my attention.

    Someone out there is likely very upset by this. I can understand. After all when someone promises to pay in the future (1M) and in response players pay now (or was the contest free?) wishing for the reward something is just wrong when the promise turns out to be worthless. No matter how legitimate the problem like cheating or how players should have knowen it was a marketing gimic.

  • EduardoASGEduardoASG Member Posts: 832

    Lol what a Lie.

    They decided right from the start that noeone was going to get any kind of cash.. was just a way to call more people to their crappy game :)

    Now they come.. oh god.. i though all our player database would be naive and angelic and sooo blooody honest.. what a crap. Players should actually criminal charge Ryl owners for fraudulent marketing.

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  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    What will be interesting to see now, is if they actually reinstate the competition, along with the jackpot prize.

  • .Vicious..Vicious. Member Posts: 8

    Wow, you guys are fairly harsh on RYL. I have been playing for quite awhile now and happen to think it is a pretty good game. I dont know how much of a chance you actually gave it but its pretty good at higher lvls. Im not going to say much about the tourney but I would rather have it shut down and investigated rather than have a bunch of cheaters win. Im not going to put myself in a position for an "I told you so" later, and dont know what they are gonna do with the tourney, But I am pretty sure you cant advertise a 1mil dollar tourney and not already have the funds readily available and in an account when the tourney begins.


    Sorry I like the game.

    Maybe I will get burned in the end.

    But Im sure all of you mmorpg gods know way more than me.

  • jimmyman99jimmyman99 Member UncommonPosts: 3,221

    This 1million prize looks ridiculous to me. Even if WoW with the massive number of playerbase would do a tournament with this prize even then id think it was some sort of scam or fake publicity stunt, even coming from blizzard. I tried RYL, its kinda oK, not good but not very bad either, has lots of bugs, a lot of grind, almost no content. So 1mil from that type of game - 99% scam. Even 10000$ would be too much imo.

    I am the type of player where I like to do everything and anything from time to time.
    image - pre-WW2 genocide.

  • SilvestSilvest Member Posts: 9

    This shows that the company is really *** and that they are backing off for such a thing cause before they were planing the tournament they could now that there will be people who will cheat...

    So it was better to have some plans to take actions will it happen and so it did.



  • KatarsisKatarsis Member Posts: 1
     I never thought the so called price of 1 million dollars would ever be possible , this was just a commercial bullshit to try to get players and attention to a crappy game , hope companyes talking bullshit like this dissappear from the market .  Hope ppl open eyes and pay the developers as they deserve . If there were some cheating , it would be a lot easier to ride of the bugs that let out ppl cheating if they ever planned to give the price , sounds just like a cheap excuse.
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