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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • duke85duke85 Member UncommonPosts: 10

    If anybody has an unused one, I'd like to get in on it as well.

  • revengecyrevengecy Member CommonPosts: 21

    Hi if anyone would be able to spara guest pass that would be great! , thinking about purchasing D3 but didnt have time to try out the beta weekend. thanks.

  • schlaftenschlaften Member Posts: 2

    Hey i'm not one of these guys that has bought the game but cant wait for delivery, i genuinely want to try the game before i spend the money. This looks like a game i'd enjoy but did not play Diablo 2, only the first.

    If someone has a pass they could pm me that would be great :D

  • RighteousRighteous Member UncommonPosts: 99

    Looking for an American Guest Pass. Representing Chicago. Will let you know if I receive a pass.


  • therogtherog Member Posts: 1

    Never played a diablo game and would really like to try this. Could I please get a key.



  • JukireJukire Member Posts: 3

    Hey guys would love a guest pass. I am in NA region and I am in path of exile beta.  Would be willing to trade a beta account for guest pass.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,614

    could someone please email me a guest pass...


    Thanks in advance for your kindness.


  • ThaVampThaVamp Member Posts: 48

    I would really like a guest pass. I want to play so badly, but have to wait till my salary comes in on the 25th :-P If someone has one, my e-mail is

    Thanks very much in advance!


    Edit: Oh, I'm EU by the way.

  • UbbermannUbbermann Member Posts: 6

    Well since my retailer royally screwed me... atleast killin Ol'Leoric would be grand.

    So yeah I'd love a guest pass. INFACT I could give ya a invite to the DOTA 2 beta in exchange[if you want].

    ps. Diablo 3 EURO pass ofcourse.

  • ZonerangerZoneranger Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I now have an EU guest pass spare. Not sure who has or hsant got one now out of this thread so first reply quoting this gets it.




  • SykoleisaSykoleisa Member Posts: 41

    Originally posted by Zoneranger

    I now have an EU guest pass spare. Not sure who has or hsant got one now out of this thread so first reply quoting this gets it.


    me please. 

  • ThaVampThaVamp Member Posts: 48

    Me too please :-D

  • cdtcplcdtcpl Member Posts: 6

    If anyone has a US guest pass I would love it if you could share the love my way -


  • OmiragOmirag Member UncommonPosts: 276

    My email is (I am not joking that is my email)

    US plz

    I am planning on buying, so if you get something special for your guest buying I would be a good person to donate too. Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

  • footloosfootloos Member UncommonPosts: 15

    if anyone have a eu guest pass they can spare i would appriciate it.

    would like to try the game out.

  • schlaftenschlaften Member Posts: 2

    still looking for one if any are going

  • j3dee88j3dee88 Member Posts: 1

    Would love a Guest pass if anyone is willing to give one up :)  send it to 

    love yo face!

  • skeaserskeaser Member UncommonPosts: 3,949

    Pre-ordered CE but mail will take a week or so here. If anyone can spare a US key I'll send one back to you once my box shows up.

  • UbbermannUbbermann Member Posts: 6

    Still no generous people around? >.>   <.<

    Not even for a exchange for a dota 2 key? >.<

  • MalltrakMalltrak Member UncommonPosts: 17

    Looking for a pass please, thanks :P

  • Salio69Salio69 Member CommonPosts: 428

    feel free to send me a pass. i dont plan on buying diablo 3 but i may change my mind if it turns out to be fun.

    just stating the truth.

  • WolfHaartWolfHaart Member UncommonPosts: 216

    Hi. Posted in another Guest Pass thread, then I saw this which seems to be a more "original" thread. SO I'll just C+P my oother post.


    I would like a Guest Pass if theres still some out there.


    Have friends that always talk about D3 and sais its just like the old ones in feeling and such.

    But I cant see that rly, but then again, I never played D3.

    All my friends already used up their passes. (they were fast to spread the joy to others)

    And I would like to try D3 and see if they are right about what they say.

    I loved D1 & D2, but D3 I dunno. Dont wanna buy if I wont enjoy playing it.


    Thx in advance


    PS: EU Key

  • DeeterDeeter Member UncommonPosts: 135

    I-it's not like I w-want a guest pass or anything...


    I know you don't know me and I don't know you but I will take a picture of your username and post it on [the good section] my fridge if you send me a US guest pass :)

    Thank you!

  • YrinkyYrinky Member Posts: 2

    Hi. I'd like a guest pass as well.

    I actually preordered a game from this site which claims that they never got the stock and are expecting it sometime soon, but I've no idea when. I can get a refund, but the game is either sold out or too expensive for me to afford now and I'm really anxious to play. Help, please. :(


    Also I need EU key, thanks!

  • mgervaismgervais Member Posts: 4


    I would really like to have a guest pass to try it out and see out it plays on PC before buying! NA servers plz!

    Either mail it to me here or to


    Many thanks!!!

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