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Attn: Cock Rockers & Metal heads...

Dis_OrdurDis_Ordur Member Posts: 1,501

Ozzfest 2005 was a complete joke this year, me, being in the Minneapolis area had my show cancelled...  Ozzy announced that he would no longer be headlining this tour (which is good, because Ozzy sucks) about 2 weeks ago...  The idiot promoters in Mpls. lacked the foresight to continue with the originally sheduled show, and postponed only to have their second date cancelled...  Anyways, I was checking the ozzfest website, and found this: http://www.ozzfest.com/news_2005.html 

I guess the lead singer of Iron Maiden harrassed Ozzy night after night on stage, and here Ozzy's wife has publicly written an open letter about it!  The guy said that he and Iron Maiden don't need a reality TV show to be legit, lol!  I think it is pretty funny, and that Ozzy (and his wife) got what they deserved...  Pretty crazy stuff!  Anyways, this year's Ozzfest was by far the worst, it was so bad, I DIDN'T EVEN GET MY SHOW!!!  I only go for the underground bands, and strongly disliked all of the headliners except for In Flames...  Interesting read though, kind of hard to believe they would make all of this public, not too professional on Sharon Osbournes part...



  • RufiusRufius Member Posts: 2,031

    Yeah, Iron Maiden getting drunk, ranting on something then people get all up in arms.  One day, I wish I could see an audience or an audience member freaking own a sell out band, with a rant from the audience.  Sellout bands are all about the money now and not the music.  It'd look something like this...



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  • hartamhartam Member Posts: 364

    Ozzfest sucks, Gigantour is going to take over. They are already planning next years tour.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Vanilla metal bands like Killswitch Engaged, Black Label society, and In Flames, who only play 3 chords as loud and fast as they can while hitting a snare as hard as they can really don't cut it for me. Seeing Dream Theater, Megadeth, and Anthrax live in Gigantour would suit me so much better.

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