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Worth it?

LILLIPPA328LILLIPPA328 Member Posts: 331

Is it worth it to buy this game?I seen it n Wal Mart for 9.99,gold edition,and 45 free days :)

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  • daq113daq113 Member Posts: 95

    If it's that cheap....couldnt hurt to try it out.

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    Nope not worth it.

    Developers won't update the old 2d graphic client, hence a lot of hacks and exploits still exist in game.

    There is ZERO strategy now in game, its up to One hit kills in PvP currently.

    You must wear many artifacts to compete, or be in a LARGE guild that has the amount of gold needed to purchase Barbed runic kits to make any sorta of wearable armour.

    The New expansion comes out August 30th, which the wal-mart edition does not include, will give out special bonuses to the human and elf race. The only way to have those bonuses are to purchase the new expansion.

    So $9.99 plus the $29.99 for the expansion.


    Good Luck and have fun.

  • gregersgregers Member Posts: 9

    I've played UO for 4 years.

    This game is much more than only the beautiful graphics offered by EQ2 or similar... where you do nothing more than killing tons of harder and harder monsters (nice rendered).

    It's full of secrets, full of fun you get from the community - it is hard - so you always have some challenge.

    The world is huge! It is also full of creatures.

    Game is very very well balanced - there is no "super duper ultra killer best" character that is
    much better than the others - every character has it's fors&cons - so if you are and want to be a good
    fighter, you have to buy weapon from a good smith, that has to buy ore from a good miner,
    that has to get his tools from a tinker that makes these tools from iron mined by this miner, and wood harvested by someone etc etc - so everybody have something to do and are needed by the others.

    It's a game where you can not kill at all if you want... and still have fun. You can be a grandmaster tailor
    selling good stuff and have a lot of clients.

    It's cool seeing an experienced warrior wearing armor made by you.

    Housing is very good - no other game has so much housing possibilities, tricks, contests, furniture...

    It's good for solo as well as a group of players.

    It is definitely worth it's money and in fact you'll get much more fun from it than from any other game available now on the market.

    Be sure to buy a "Samurai Empire" expansion or similar, not the original old version (it includes the old game together with new features).

    Just give it a try ... you'll like it.

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239

    Gregers, I submit that you do not play the real Ultima Online only a idealized version that you only choose to see.

    Give us examples of these secrets that are so unique to Ultima Online.

    Game is NO WAY BALANCED! Age of Shadows brought Paladins, which made every other melee fighter obsolete. Samurai Empire and the Archery fixes soon after Samurai Empire brought us one hit kill archers.

    Your example of warrior buy weapon from blacksmith who has to buy ignots from miner, makes me absolutely believe you have NEVER EVER PLAYED Ultima Online.... 

     If you were an honest assessor of the current State of Ultima Online you would realize that since Pub 16 and the goodbye of PowerHour and the introduction of Rate of time skill gain that every person in game has their own blacksmith, miner, tailor, warrior class characters. If you do not have your own your best friend does, if your best friend does not you simply are not competing with today's Ultima Online and therefore are so far behind the 8-ball that any example of a secret in the game will not be able to be competed legitmately, in a real world situation of Ultima Online.


    Gregers, you simply saying "It's cool seeing an experienced warrior wearing armor made by you." THAT IS ANOTHER STATEMENT that is a relic of the past and again makes me think you do not play todays Ultima Online in any form.

    I am done your statements are false and not taking into account the current state of Ultima Online.

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    You seem to be talking mainly about PvP LuRavi, which is only a small part of UO. Despite it's other faults UO is still the best game for actual RP'ing, has the best and most expansive house customisation and probably the best community out there.
    Why do you have to compete?
    Why can't you just have fun, which is the whole reason I play and continue to play.
    To the OP,the UO Gold edition is cheap, you get 45 days to try it, so give it a try, if you don't like it it's only a few bucks lost. Don't listen to people who continually harp on about the past. Certainly on my shard we're seeing the return of many people who left for WoW and are bored of it.

  • gregersgregers Member Posts: 9

    Oh well Luravi, dont get so excited... It is of course possible to have
    a whole set of characters on your account, but it doesn't mean it is no
    fun! It's possible to transfer abilities between them - yes it makes
    Ultima easier a bit, but it gives you a chance to master other
    professions - in fact mastering mining or similar - even done by
    specialized macro utilities can also be interesting - and if you don't
    want to have your own miner - no problem - just buy resources from the

    Perhaps this game is not balanced as a PvP game.. but PvP is treated
    there as in real life... it is just a murder nothing more nothing
    less... you want to be murderer? - go on but you have to be a smart one.

    If you become a murderer and you'll get caught .. you lose - things,
    stats etc...

    If you think it is unfair that someone kills you - sorry but so is in
    life - if you go to a PvP area you can be killed.

    This is unique in UO - it is also a good aspect of this game that it
    learns some responsibility unlike other games.

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