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Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

Hey everyone!

My name is Paragon and I'm here to do my best to answer any questions you may have about Aika Online.

I know that as a gamer and a fan, it can sometimes be frustrating to feel like you don't have a voice, as if those making and running the game you love (or perhaps just are interested in) don't hear you.  I would like to be a conduit for your voice and to lend an ear to anything related to Aika.

Aika is a fantastic game and it is my goal to help make the experience you have with it the best it can possibly be, whether you've been playing for years, just started playing recently or are just looking into it.

Feel free to throw any questions out there and I will do my best to get answers to you the best that I possibly can.



Aika Online Community Manager


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