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League of Legends ARAM Nations

Ever curious as to what this ARAM thing is?  ARAM has been around for a couple years now and the community has compiled the most "Standard Rules" used while playing this custom game.

You can find out more about ARAM here: Aram Nations

Or the ARAM Facebook Page here: ARAM Natioins FB

ARAM = All Random All Mid

the host creates a custom 5vs5 game in which All Random Champion Select is chosen.  All understand the following rules are subject to change at the hosts wishes, in which need to be stated before the game starts.

* ARAM Rules:

Summoner Spells Not Allowed:

Teleport, Revive, Promote.

Items Not Allowed:

Snowball Items, Guardian Angel.


Mid Lane Only, Not allowed to return to Summoner Circle unless dead.  Not allowed to go into Jungle or other lanes. Going to far out of mid lane into fog of war is considered cheating.

Mid Lane = The lane in which Minions spawn and follow from one summoner circle to the other summoner circle. Going outside this line to far is not allowed.


Defending in Base: Once the top or bottom Tower is destroyed you may defend those inhibitors but not before the associated tower is destroyed.

Assaulting Base: You are not allowed to intentionally pull and or attack side lane minions, towers, inhibitors. They are not part of the mid lane therefor off limits.


NA servers typically allow suicide to mid minions or mid towers.

TF or Pantheon ability to teleport past live towers to suicide is not allowed.

*These are just a collection of commonly used "Standard Rules" or "Normal Rules" A host can state his specific rules before a game.  

** EU WEST does not allow intentional suicide, if execution does happen the person is not allowed to purchase items.


ARAB = All Random All Bottom (Dominion)

The typical rules from ARAM apply here excluding a few variations.

If you drew a line from the bottom entrance of one team directly accross the map to the other bottom entrance of the other team that is the boundry line.  You are not allowed to go to or above the lowest speed boost.  You may go into the fog of war as long as you are under this invisible boundry.  Everything under that boundry is fair game.


Hope this helps any out there from getting trolled or flamed when they join a ARAM or ARAB and don't know the typical "Standard Rules" which most expect you to know.




  • TheMinnTheMinn Member Posts: 397

    So I am only, now, level 17. A online LoL player (that asked to add me) invited to me a game. Come selection screen I can't chose but the game chooses for me. I am confused and then everyone says this is an ARAM. I had -no idea- what an ARAM was. It is usually only for ranked games I was told. Because I was asked to join a game everyone started to hate on me because I 'sucked' because I did not know my player. My team and the opposing were harassing me and saying that I was the bad part of LoL which I just could not understand. Sure I will play ARAM when I'm 30 and way more knowledgable but if you are going to add someone for an ARAM ask them first.

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