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Playing casual solo PVP/E in Aion F2P

NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

Hi Daevas,

I'm one of those odd players that tends to enjoy mmorpg's playing solo so decided to give Aion F2P another try after NCSoft sent me an e-mail to transfer my character to Gameforge Europe.

So far so good, got to level 39 without ever needing to group however some campaign quests or dungeons are getting tougher to solo so I may have to soon join a legion to get some help.

Aion itself is beautifully huge, very interesting with it's plentiful quests the PVPVE approach to rifting and the almost godly Abyss where flying about is like no other mmorpg I have experienced. :)

There is a lot to do, Aion is a great platform for free-to-play so despite enjoying it I'm kinda sad that all I have experienced so far in the way of PVP is ganking especially in abyss where all PVPers seem to do is gang up or camp quest areas to kill low lvl pve players trying to do PVE quests.

Has it always been this style or did the devs intend it to be played a different way? 

btw what is the defense buff thing all about, I figured it is now applied alternate weeks on some servers how does it effect?





  • MrP3inMrP3in Member UncommonPosts: 49

    On the Eu servers Defense buff its to protect the players while they lvl up.. ( 90% pvp dmg reduced or something like tht) and yea the abyss was always like that but still.. there are some players who dont care and dont gank low lvl players .

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