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Looking for an Aion leveling buddy!

harlokayneharlokayne Member Posts: 10

I just started Aion like a week ago, and I love it!!

I started as an Elyos Cleric, and its awesome so far, but I want to try out the Asmodian side...so if anyone is interested in playing Aion, on the dark side, hit me up. The game is completly free, and fun!


  • TorkazTorkaz Member UncommonPosts: 91

    RIght here bro.. I have a level 21 assassin asmodian, on the newest server (forgot name)... if you can catch up ill wait for you I like leveling with someone else more so ive kinda put him on halt...

  • TolgatTolgat Member Posts: 1

    Hey man. 

    I played Aion before it went F2P . I had a level 55 asmo gladi :) I'm thinking of starting a new character soon on a different server so if you haven't started grinding yet hit me up ! :)

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