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Nothing will compare to UO. . .ever

MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,088

Ultima Online has put a setting up on how MMORPG's should be.  I've played Ultima Online since T2A came out.  And to be honest...I LOVED the game.  I was addicted to it.  It was my first major Role Playing game...and definitally my first MMORPG.  Well, since AoS came out (we all know that was bad news) I quit Ultima Online.  I decided it was maybe time to move on to another game.  And this is what I found. 


I've played almost all the major MMORPG's that ever hit the list.  Right after I quit UO (around 2002-2003) I went straight to Asheron's Call 2.  I think it hit the shelves around the time.  I liked the game, thought it was fun and great graphics.  But it got majorly repeditive to me.  Crafting wasn't anything like UO's.  So I then decided to try DAoC, which I don't think there was anything MAJORLY wrong with the game, it just didn't catch my eye at all.  I thought the battles were bland and the whole "automatic horse ride" made me quit right away.  (In UO you can control your own steed, for the newbie that don't know).  I then tried Lineage II, which didn't get me because of the whole PvP setup.  I was never realy big into the PvP scene.  And also Anarchy Online...which reminds me ALOT ALOT ALOT of how UO used to play, but I'm not big for the whole future stuff.   I know I've tried some other games in the gaps that didn't catch my eye at all.  I then decided to give up.  I found myself finding some free Ultima Online shards (pre UO:R) of course, but they just ended up being 12 year old fests of nothing but l33tn3$$...I hated it.  I then faded away from the MMORPG world for a little while...Until Guild Wars and World of Warcraft came into the picture.  I bought guild wars when it hit shelves (the free subscription caught my eye)  and I LOVED the game...and I still do.  It made me get into PvP...I used to HATE PvP.  But I still play GW from time to time.  But it wasn't enough...it wasn't deep like UO was.  So then...finally I was able to try World of Warcraft, the god of all new MMORPGs.  There was a free 14 day trial in the PC Gamer september 2005 issue.  I bought it, installed it, and signed up for my trial.  Man, I was excited. . .I couldn't wait to see what everyone was talking about.  I loaded up the game, signed in and made my Elf character.  I got in the game and WOW, nice graphics and pretty world.  about 1 hour into it...I was already giving up on my other character and making another.  Entered the world...and BOOM....almost the same thing except different skills.  So after about 5 hours of trial and error of character I finally decided that WoW wasn't as good as it was said to be.  HTe game has no depth like I think it should be. . .and the world was almost found to be empty to me.  I gave up at that point.  Went out and bought the Ultima Online: Gold and signed up for a new Ultima Online account and guess what?  I love it...I love ultima.  There is no game that will ever touch it.  Sure, the graphics are outdated, sure AoS sucks majorly...but it still has that same Ultima atmosphere.  There is nothing like spending 5 hours searching for treasure and killing any minion that pops in your way.  There is nothing like the customation in the game....no other game can you have ANY skill you want with any character.  The game, in my opinion, is still the blueprint of how MMORPG's should be.  Long Live Ultima Online.


I just want you all to know how fun Ultima Online is compared to all the other MMORPG's out there.  I can't begin to say how awsome the community is in UO.  Ultima has the best community in any MMO in the world.  It almost seems like everyone is nice and enjoys you being there.  When you sign on to Ultima, you actually feel like your part of the world...you get to choose any skill....any style of clothe, you can afford a house...you can kill, cook, or just sell stuff and get rich.  There is nothing like Ultima!


  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    I have to agree. I'm from the 1997 Era before the Trammel Gummies were even thought of. It was the golden MMORPG and EQ at the time continued to struggle against our Godliness...

    *sigh* Those were the days... Ronald, I miss you mate. image

     - Malkavian image

    "When you find yourself sinking into Madness, dive"

  • GeneralDoliGeneralDoli Member Posts: 71

    Amen, brother. Amen.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    That includes present day UO, so don't tell me nothing will compare to the currently dead game that they call UO. UO died about 2 years ago when they made an expansion called AoS. Actually you might be able to trace its death all the way back to P16 and the fact that many people opened multiple accounts with AoS for house placement and that peaked the numbers is not a sign of prosperity after AoS came out.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    Not to mention, to this day all the games that have come out after EQ copied the way that EQ did things as far as character advancement and gaming aspects. There has not been a single game that used the skill based system to this day, that I know of. When Impertrator comes out that all will change and I will be interested if you still say that UO is the best game out there ever.

    I simply don't like leveling games, but if Impertrator does the skill based system correctly it could very possibly be the best game to ever come out. Plus its being made by Mythic and Mythic is one of the best gaming companies to date. I really did love DAoC and I liked the way that Mythic seemed to go out of its way to please its customers.


    I have to agree, at least from my perspective. I have yet to find a MMORPG that has came close to what I found appealing besides good ole UO. UO lost a lot of the flavor when they gave into the whiners and nonPvPers (or the ones who wanted to PVP but didn't want to lose their items). Once I could mine (helping a smity friend out) without the random fear of some punk attacking or trying to steal from me, it wasn't as fun.

    I've tried AC2, EQ2 (no pvp haha), AO and others that I cannot even remember. They are poop.

    What was the number one thing that crossed my mind whilest playing EQ2? "If only I could attack this as*hole". Heck, even if you could "steal" everything is attuned and valueless.

    yeesh, I literally could go on and on (I won't, it'll make me sad) about the things nifty about UO or what UO was that no other MMORPG has came close to.


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