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apply code

RonnyXDRonnyXD Member Posts: 2

how can i apply this code in my aion account?


plz help me


  • TerrorizorTerrorizor Member Posts: 326

    log in to your NCsoft Master account.

    select apply serial code

    enter serial code


    confirm submission

    select Aion in game accounts

    select apply in game items

    select server

    select character

    select items to apply

    confirm selection

    log out


  • adikz2009adikz2009 Member Posts: 4

    Tyvm Terrorizor

  • HallowelHallowel Member Posts: 42

    Originally posted by adikz2009

    Tyvm Terrorizor

    If you have a lot of characters, an easy way to apply the codes to them all is to:


    Once applied the gift to one character, hit the back button 3 times and you'll go back to your character list for that server.  Otherwise, it can be a bit tedious navigating through NCSoft's account management for each character on the same server.

    ~Ra Hallowel

  • RonnyXDRonnyXD Member Posts: 2



    This serial code is invalid.


  • HallowelHallowel Member Posts: 42

    Originally posted by RonnyXD



    This serial code is invalid.


    Make sure you copied the entire code correctly, dashes and all.   Also, these codes will not work on the EU version by Gameforge.  They are for the NA version only by NCSoft

    ~Ra Hallowel

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