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Looking for a territory control MMO

veteranuveteranu Member Posts: 18

I played Mortal Online, Darkfall and Fallen Earth and enjoyed, but want to try somethign else.

For me, just running around and only killing mobs, doesn't cut it. Don't get me wrong, i like PvE. But there's (that) much you can do/grind/kill everything and then you eventually get bored.

I would like you guys to suggest me a game that has territory control/siege mechanics and plays well with others, that's what MMO is for me. If i would like doing quests over and over... I could just play a RPG alone or with a friend, do this and that, kill boss ->endgame<-


Listing MMOs that have the following features it's a plus, but i can live without them =D

+open world, no instances(maybe only in dungeons, not excessive crap)

+ NO tab targeting, kinda like TERA, Darkfall, you get the picture

+ Big maps, like Fallen Earth, Darkfall, Vanguard..

+ NO pokemon anime/korean style

+ Good crafting

+ Housing/Building your own village/city.


I listed quite a "few" :P features i would like to find in an MMO, I am also being realistic.. I know you can't get them all, at least not now i guess. I don't think there's a game that has them all, but yeah maybe you guys know something that i don't :P


Oh and yeah, seems that what i mostly listed are some sandbox mmos. Well...except for TERA and Fallen Earth, that has some theampark in it.


  • Scooch25Scooch25 Member Posts: 105
    Darkfall is the closest thing you'll get, but you said you already played it. You could try something like minecraft. Maybe wait for Archeage?
  • veteranuveteranu Member Posts: 18

    I like Darkfall, only downside i see right now it's the low population, very low population, at least on the EU server and grinding your a** off like there's no tomorrow.

    I am really looking forward to Archeage and Planetside 2, hopefully those games will deliver. Oh, also World of Darkness might turn out right...

    Keep 'em coming guys!

  • BoardwalkerBoardwalker Member UncommonPosts: 388
    Seems like EVE is what you're looking for.

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  • DeolusDeolus Member UncommonPosts: 392
    or Perpetuum. Not sure how many players still play though.
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