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Help from Korea

KambuiKambui Member Posts: 4

I am living in south korea and need help please.    does any one know how to sign up for any good mmos in korea  i can only play  SWTOR and WOW      HELP    HELP    


i would like to play Tera or AION    or anything else you can suggest   


thanks for the help 



  • F5MinutesF5Minutes Member Posts: 59
    What problems do you have while signing up?

  • KambuiKambui Member Posts: 4
    i do not speak or read korean id the main problem 
  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,088
    Wait, wait... Your English is subpar and you do not read Korean? What are you then? Chinese lol?

    Anyways try asking in tech support of the respective games you wish to play(TERA and Aion in this case). That's my best advice!
  • KambuiKambui Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the help. yes my english is bad  i speak 9 other languages but learning english thanks for the advice.
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