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This is why Games Like this Fail

TheTruthHurtTheTruthHurt Member Posts: 2

Hello to all that read this. My Name is Ronnie I have been playing games like aika for a very long time. But This needs to be said to all game companies out their. There are 10 things gamers must Have in a game and you all over look them, and since you cant get it right here's the list......

1. PvP is a nice thing but to much of it SUCKS! I dont feel like getting on a game just to get owned by some Choobie so he can get his rocks off.....

2. Price  A game must be Cheap on the pocket. I am not saying give it away But god 20-30-40 and even a $100 for fake stuff in a game get real!

3. Chance Drop Rate. This is realy an important one here. No one wants to spend all day or week doing the carpy dungion over and over to get the same drop there buddy did on frist kill.

4.Cash Shop's These are nice to have But gpotato Has the same mind set as all the rest (Lets break these kids) and the one who cant buy from us will pay for it in the game and quit....There By NO MORE GAME COMPANY

5.Gambling with what we just paied cash for... This is a big NO NO if we are willing to pay cash we want help badly not a chance. 

6.PvE This is a strong point in any game. It must flow right in with the game to make training a worth while run if not BYE BYE

7.Questing  This must not be overlooked in any game as it is the heart of the game..(Ever Wounder what made 8 bit games so good?)

8.Granding for LvL's This Must be kept under control people realy hate this and do not like this as a way to gain lvl's (BYE BYE i can play something else for fun)

9.Class Over Powering... Most MMORPG's have this in common. We don like being killed by one hit from anything / anybody

10.Punishing players... Big NO NO..  and this is what i mean.... Cooldown timers, Sorry drops from hard kills, long trips across maps, Impossiable to kill bosses, Stuning attacks from every monster on a map, One player drop in parties, This list clould go on for miles but these are not a joke and are why most games fail today......

Im Sorry to be a noob here guys but Aika is the fouth game in a year i have left because it has more than 5 of the 10 problumes on this list and as a 37 year working class man its my choice who i spend my money with and let my kids spend my money with..........




  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Hello there!  We're sorry that you stopped playing Aika but let me try to address some of your concerns:

    1. PvP is a nice thing but to much of it SUCKS!

    As far this point goes, you need to consider the game.  Aika is a game built around the idea of warring player nations.  The core of the game *is* PvP.  There are games that are much more based around PvE but by no means do all games need to work the same way.  Aika is a PvP game through-and-through and is one of the best.

    2. Price  A game must be Cheap on the pocket.

    Aika is a free to play game.  We have lots of players who do very well for themselves without spending a cent on the cash shop.  We do not charge a subscription and however much is spent is by the player's choice.

    3. Chance Drop Rate

    This is a standard mechanic in all MMO's, both pay-to-play and free-to-play.

    4.Cash Shop

    Aika has a thriving population, some of which uses the cash shop, others don't.  As referenced in point #2, no player is ever forced to use the cash shop and, quite often, players who *do* purchase items from the cash shop sell them for in-game gold, allowing players who can't use the cash shop to still have access to premium items.


    This is present in many free-to-play MMOs.  These items have a random chance to drop extremely rare, extremely valuable, extremely useful items and that is what is paid for.  Players are not forced to buy these and the special items would not be special if they dropped easily for everyone.


    This goes back to point 1.  You need to consider the individual game.  In Aika, it's all about PvP.  The PvE is viewed by most players as a vehicle to get to max level so they can participate in the large scale nation warfare and PvP.  This is very much dependant on the game you're playing.  Some are very PvE centric, Aika is not.  This does not make it a bad game, it simply means that it is targeted towards something else.


    We think questing is very fun and very important and we are working to make our quests as fun, interesting and engaging as possible.  That being said, in just about any MMO, you're bound to have a large number of fetch quests and "Kill X of these" quests.  That's simply the bread and butter of leveling.

    8.Grinding for LvL's

    In some games this is very true, but in Aika, if you quest and keep questing, you should not have to grind.  We would very much like you to be max level quickly, so you can see some of our coolest stuff at max level!

    9.Class Over Powering

    All MMOs have and will always face this issue.  Classes are very different fundamentally and due to this, there will always be small numerical differences that may demand tweaking.  Some games are better at this, some are worse, but Aika, as a PvP game, has classes that are designed from the ground up to be balanced and they try to remain very strict on the changes they make so as to not disrupt this balance.  This is an issue that must be taken with a grain of salt in most cases.

    10.Punishing players

    Something very prominent in this subject is the idea of positive and negative reinforcement.  A game will never be 100% rewards and positive things.  That wouldn't be a game; that would be a nice person just handing you candy.  The core to these games is that players will work hard and toil away to get amazing gear and awesome achievements.  The tough aspects of the game add value to the victories and achievements that a player has reached.  Cooldown timers are part of game balance, tough drops are part of game balance, etc etc.  These are not things put in the game out of a spirit of maliciousness, they are in the game to make the game work as intended.


    All this being said, sometimes someone just doesn't like a game.  Everyone is different and taste is an opinion, not a description.  What's great to one person could be terrible to someone else and neither one would be wrong; this is very *very* important to remember.  Thank you for your thoughts and time and I hope I was able to help clear some things up a bit and we would very much love to see you back in Aika.  If, however, you choose not to, we hope you find a game in which you have an absolutely amazing time and that it's nothing but fun for you. :)


  • killazaekillazae Member Posts: 1

    hi paragon


  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb Member Posts: 54

    This review is true. IT is not an oppinion. It is the state of several games invluding Gpotato's. The mislangement is bad. I played both EU and US, in EU there is a GM abusing his power in the forums nd trolling and locking everyones thread. This was a year ago I complained. I went back and the guy is still there. Interestingly the US threads are not trolled like this and the GMs are friendly.

     Ok that was a side message, but it goes hand in hand with companies misangement as you try to use tickets and get feed back on requests. As you can see a Aika representitve is here to full on market his crap while defending his title. DO YOU UNDERSTAND we the players would have thought TheTruthHurt  t is trolling and we just read and move on. We dont take other players words usually... But when a GM or REPRESENTITVE of the game jumps in the fight...omg. I am never touching this game now. Look at his wall of defense and conter ranting. Imagine opening a ticket when all your gear dissapears in game, and they dont respond and shut your forul thread (happened FREQUENTLY with Gpat.).


    Next note. The game itself. Like or dont like it. The author had GRAT points of AIka. Notice the representive said it is "common in most MMORPG". This is a sad song sung by people covering up a broken game. Fan boys use this excuse. Currently I play a F2P title that is fairly moderate to level up, but levels are just a number. The amount of content to do is exhaustive regardless of level, making the game my second home. I am not going to put the title. People judge by titles. In fact, I despise the company my favorite MMORPG is published under and avoid all their other titles as I have been burned. I have over 20 years MMO experience. 

      Also, This is like when an amusement park ride breaks and drops people 20 feet in the air. They patch up the rail and the manager comes out to tell you "IT is ok! it is how all rollercoasters work. Come play!" ermmmm no. 


    Final word. is troll and commercial reporter. I created everal fair and balanced reviews. I got agreed with and top voted for my reviews. But then they removed the review if it doesnt agree with the publisher. They do this in a tactful troll way. They send themself in to troll you, "your review sucks". Then they ban the thread with the description in your inbox; "This topic was closed due to this response by so and so". Ok, so some one takes your thread in the wrong direction they shut it all down? Injust, but ok Ill play by the rules...

      I read other threads; and see other guys trolling to this day, still there, not removed. I caught them red handed when they locked, a thread; not removed a thread; when I trolled it. The author was not punished; but me the commenter was...Wait what? 


    I also caught them breaking their own Policy and copy and copy and pasted their own legal rules. They had no response and un locked a ban once. But were quick to remove other comments. 


    The moral of the story? You can play "everything is cool, we are a great community". But we the gamers understand you get paid by internet connection and web site hosting, not subscriptions. That is howe Facebook and google get on the stock market. The cash shop is the cocain and lap dance funds for the pencil pushers banning you on the forums. That, is why I dont play Gpat games and why I rarely comment here or visit this crap site. 

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