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Trading alienware for a week 3 or 2 mmorpg key code

Dezy35Dezy35 Member Posts: 6
Since its random on the worg or the phoenix i rather not waste the code and get the same one again seeing i got my one code from alienware when it first launched the key code for aion free to play so looking for a week 3 or 2 pet key code from mmorpg event . PM me if u r interested 


  • ScypherothScypheroth Member Posts: 264
    umm what?
  • Dezy35Dezy35 Member Posts: 6

    alienware sent out another set of codes for worg and phoenix pet yesterday so i grabbed another code to try and get the one i didnt have from the first event but a legion buddy said that it will not generate the one i dont have and still be a random out of the 2 so  i could end up wasting the code and getting the same pet so i didnt use it still have the code



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