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Never played an RGP, Torchlight deal or D3?

schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110

Well I have never played an RPG before, like Torchlight or Diablo (original SC a bit if that counts)


I was reading up on Torchlight and I actually like the graphics & UI better than D3.  However, seems like D3 is going to offer so much more.


Because I probably will not be pourchasing both, would you just go for Torchlight?  Heck, if I don't really enjoy it, only $20 for 2 games compared to the 60.




Solo friendly?

Jump on and play for 25 min and log?

Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
Trying out: Age of Wushu
Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar


  • schertztschertzt Member Posts: 110
    I agree too, I should be getting Torchlight, but, D3 comes out sooner and I dont want to just end up buying D3 in 2 weeks just because I cant play T2

    Playing: GW2, Planetside 2.
    Trying out: Age of Wushu
    Looking forward to: AA, Wildstar

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member EpicPosts: 5,610

    I'f you are just starting in the genre I would suggest Diablo 2 Battle Chest ($20) or Titan Quest Gold ($6.50). 


    If you're adament about D3 or TL I guess play it safe and get the TL2 deal which include TL1 ($20).


    Personally I'm buying D3 because of the dedicated servers with inherent hack/cheat control and the built in game finder and auction market.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207
    They're both good series, get both
  • Delerious1Delerious1 Member Posts: 72

    Wait and buy Diablo 3.  It's not even close.

    I have Torchlight and it's good for what it is, but even just playing D3 during the open beta weekend I can safely say it is far superior in literally every single way possible.

  • kjempffkjempff Member RarePosts: 1,759

    Rest your horses and check out Drakensang.. because its free and a pretty decent game for a week.


    Although I will be playing diablo2 myself when ladder resets on 2nd may, I wouldnt recommend it to a new player. First, Diablo2 will probably die out with Diablo3 so not a good investment, second you may not like D3 after playing D2 :)


    There is also the classic and best rpg to date, Baldurs Gate 2 although it is more traditional turn based combat. Neverwinter nights 2 is not bad either but these are both older games and that fact alone may turn some away.

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