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Mods should not be warning people when they don't even read the posts involved.

AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,814

So I've been a member on this site for a few years.   I came here during the NGE drama and took part in some of that.   For the most part I've tried to be helpful here when people asked questions.   Obvioulsy have expressed my point of view and debated things with people... sometimes heatedly.   Yet I've always tried to be decent about it.


Today a thread was started asking about a refund for a game.   Based on the details involved it was obviously going to turn into a troll/flame thread.   So I told the person that the service they used offered a buyer protection plan.   I also stated that intentional or not a thread like that was going to turn into a troll/flame thread (which it did).   I also stated that other peoples opinions on the matter were not really going to matter in this situation.   If that's how you feel.. you simply go to your payment service and fill in the boxes to get a refund.


So what happens?   I get a warning from an un-named mod.   That I was overly negative and was baiting people.   I was baiting people by telling the person what I did?


So two things.


1) Mods names should be included in every single warning given on the site.   There should also be information on someone to contact to complain about the mod.   (if you are going to warn someone for baiting that should be what they were doing... not trying to be helpful and avoid the type of thread that evolved).   So that the person in charge of this site can get rid of mods that don't know how to be a mod... or educate the people they give mod power to.


2) All mods should be required to actually read a post before they send a warning.



There are enough negatives often involved in the community here... that we don't really need mods creating problem.   When they are supposed to be "fixing" problems.


That said..  So long and thanks for the 7 years or so of entertainment.   Thanks to the people who created posts that were fun to read.. but there is just no reason to be here with mods this clueless.


  • StoneRosesStoneRoses Member RarePosts: 1,662
    MMORPGs aren't easy, You're just too PRO!
  • BetaguyBetaguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,622
    Aww shucks sorry to see ya go... ;( I get stupid warnings for my honest to god feelings here all the time but doesn't make me want to quit.  The majority of them I could dispute if the need ever arised.  I don't believe I can get a warning for saying what "I FEEL, BELIEVE or LIKE/DISLIKE" about a game I have played.


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