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WTT 2 Pets for 1 (Week 2 and 3 MMORPG for Alienware)

ArtemisKittyArtemisKitty Member Posts: 2

As stated in the title: I have both codes for a week 2 and week 3 MMORPG pet (did not like the sound of the Kung Fu Mandarin myself so I waited, thinking week 3's pet would be better, but I'm also not a big fan of the super-kawaii girlishness to the Pink Merek so...)

Anyone have a leftover/saved code for the Alienware pet and care to trade, get 2 pets instead of 1? (I know it gives you a random 1 of 2 pets when you use the code, I don't care which one, they both look awesome.)


Kung Fu Manduri: Ability (Warning), Kung Fu Manduris alert you when they detect enemies.



Pink Merek: Ability (Looting, Warning), Pink Mereks alert you when they detect enemies and pick up items during battle.




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