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Focus Marketing

GogitowGogitow Member Posts: 9

I've been away from the forums for a few months so you can imagine my surprise when I logged in and found people still making WoW vs GW posts and posts that complain about GW and attempt to convince people not to buy the game.  After reading only a few of these posts I have become convinced that these people apparently like to do nothing more than to stair at text on a screen.  I myself enjoy playing games and choose to spend my time doing so rather than wasting my time complaining about games that I do not like. 

Anyway, I'm getting ready to start my next graduate level course in a few weeks and have begun reading the text to get a head start.  The idea of focus marketing was mentioned and how some companies have groups protesting them just because the product does not focus on them.  I imediately thought of all the people that get on here and gripe about GW.  It seems to me that GW is firmly focused on the casual and the pvp gamer.  If your not one of those two types of people then please go away.  I'm tired of WoW players coming here and complaining about how GW sucks.  GW is not for you and apparently WoW isn't either because while your complaining on the forum you could be playing WoW?  It makes me question the game when so many of thier players would rather waste time complaining about GW rather than playing the game they supposedly love.  I rarely get on the forum boards myself because when I have free time I play games. 

Fortunately, GW is focused on my needs.  I have a life.  I have a wife, a 20 month old son, and I am working for my masters degree and therefore don't have 40 hours a week to blow on xp and crafting grinds.  I'm lucky if I get to play for 2 hours a week.  If were not for GW I would not be playing any online games. 

Also, I'm surprised that people don't compare GW to DAoC.  GW seems like it is closer to DAoC than WoW.  I never understood that.

Finally, if your in school and you have 40 hours a week to play games you need to study more.  I know from experience.  This is just my two cents.


  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    People also rarely research the games they buy anymore.... They read the back of the box and see a good review online and think it's going to play a certain way. Then are unhappy when it isn't what they expected... even though they have nothing reasonable to base their expecations on.

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