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Healer LF new game

Ekor4Ekor4 Member Posts: 17

Hello, I am a healer who has been at it for 7 years. I'm looking for a new game that provides a healing system that is creative and diverse. I enjoy both pvp and pve, but I normally focus only at one at a given time.


The last mmo I played was swtor. I found the healing in swtor to be incredibly dry and 1.2 made it worst. I hate rotations for healing. I found myself hitting the same heals in the same order in swtor. I don't enjoy any healing system that encourges rotations for optimal healing.



I really enjoyed healing as a holy priest in the first 9 months of cata. I prefer a healing class that can heal the same exact fight multiple ways.


I prefer a slower combat for pvp that promotes tactics and  allows enough time to counter.


Thank you for any suggestions. I'm very open-minded about trying new games, and I'm willing to give almost anything a shot.



List of games I've tried/played already




~Warhammer (might give it another go)

~Global Agenda


~EvE (played as a battery "healer" for like a month)


  • Karnage69Karnage69 Member UncommonPosts: 323

    Depends on what kind of healer types you enjoy, but I have had a lot of fun with healers in Vanguard. The game will be going F2P in a few months, might be worth checking out. They have, imho, one of the best arrangement of healers in any mmo. DPS oriented healers (Blood Mage) Melee healers (Disciple/Cleric/Shamans) and ranged healers (Cleric/Shamans). I prefer the Disciple personally.

  • meltingstarsmeltingstars Member UncommonPosts: 51


    I don't have lots of healing experience in MMOs, yet I really enjoyed it WoW. 

    I suggest TERA, I was healing with a mystic last weekend and it was really fun.  Although I haven't tried it, Priests have AoE healing spells, and are the primary healers in the game.  With the combat mechanics being pretty different from tab-targetting, it's really fun.   

    Here, found a link

  • ClocksimusClocksimus Member Posts: 354

    TERA, if you are looking for something new and difficult enough to make you like more than a bot then I'm 100% sure you will enjoy the healing in this game.


    List of priest skills


    The action combat requires you to aim  your healing as you would aim spells on a ranged dps.  It is by far the most active healing  in any current or future MMO.

    PvE can be difficult on both BAMs and dungeon bosses as they deal insane amounts of damage when players  fail to block/block their attacks. PvP can be infinitely more  difficult and also that much more fun. 

    The only thing you might dislike coming from your past MMO's would be that healers/supports are just that, healers/supports.  Priest and Mystic will not win any  damage contest but this doesn't mean they can't out last their enemy in combat. You can tailor your spells with glyphs to empower your favorite ones but they  generally be geared towards improving your roll as a healer/support, not into making you a shadow priest  of a  sith dps sorc.

  • Ekor4Ekor4 Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    I have a friend who is trying Tera, and I like idea of the game play. Its worth a try.

    I think I've tried vanguard before, but I'll look more into it.

  • sanshi44sanshi44 Member UncommonPosts: 1,187

    Out of the two major games coming out soon Guildwars 2 and Tera, i would say Tera might be your thing i played a mystic in it which is a support/healer which was quite nice. Although i think Guildwars 2 will be the better game however there isnt the usualy healer/dps/tank system you see in most games, so instead of healing you try to prevent dmg instead of just healing it after takign the hit, so may not be your cup of tea but may be worth a look if you wanna try somthing new and may be worth a look.

  • F5MinutesF5Minutes Member Posts: 59

    if you dont mind cartoonie graphics, i suggest Eden Eternal, healers play a BIG part in dungeon runs, and dungeon runs play a big part in the game :)

  • NickraiderNickraider Member UncommonPosts: 131

    Hit up DAOC and its free trial. Roll Druid for Hib, Cleric for Alb, or Healer/shaman for Mid. Enjoy!



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