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more than 4 characters

ProfEvilProfEvil Member Posts: 1


I wanted to ask if there is a way (other than to purchase a second Guild Wars key) to have more than 4 characters.

Would be really nice if there was, as the 4 character limit is rather stupid. (I always have to delete a character if I want to test a new build :( )


  • VyavaVyava Member Posts: 893
    It is one of the ways they keep costs down. Unless there is a super premium monthly fee option i missed (i honestly just log in and play at this point) adding more character slots would only add costs and reduce profits. Companies odn't like that.
  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    no there isnt :P

  • SilverShadeSilverShade Member Posts: 20

    y would u need more than 4????i mean the selevtion is goodimage. <(0.-)>

    The Shade

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