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This game doesnt deserve to be at top, read here why...

lord_yuri27lord_yuri27 Member Posts: 37

Well first, im not a WoW fan like you all guys say, i didnt play WoW and i wont play its bec childish graphics like you play cartoon game. And i tried Guild Wars but i didnt like it, i would like to share with you why, i know there are many GW fans and they dont like people seeing here talking bad about GW but let me tell you...

This game is pvp based, right? and many other games have better rpg stuff then this game, there are only few items and some different ones in underground but still few, different server style, you are alone with your party out of city, you dont see any other players and you are running from 1 npc to other for quest, this is all you do till lvl 20, yeah it has a history but this is not RP i think. Well, lets say this game is pvp based and not racing with other games in rpg part but even this, this game doesnt have the enough action for me, i think its slow enough for me even its all pvp based (im saying this bec i have seen better games that has better pvp style), all you can see is fighting 8vs8 and if there are 8 team it means 64 ppl but its not 32vs32 you are still all 8, so what about guild wars? why not full GvG and just 8vs8, this game doesnt deserve this name and doesnt deserve to be the best, ppl who doesnt like Guild Wars are looking for really RP, they are looking for meeting new ppl while moving around in the map as they like, they are looking for big wars like 50 vs 50, and the guy wrote right he was just running around from quest to quest and got bored in 30 min is right and many ppl answered him as he didnt see all the game so that how was he talking about game? i have a lvl 20 necro/mes and i have seen everything in this game (even Hall of Heroes), it was all boring, you always need a party with good monks otherwise you have to go to quest with stupid bots and many stuff that makes me bored and also MANY NOOB PPL WHO GET USED TO LEAVING PARTY IN THE MIDDLE OF MISSION OR PVP, over 500 skills (and over 50 for a char ) in this game but you can only get 8, huh? WTF? Well, arenanet & ncsoft broke my dreams even im a fan of ncsoft because of lineage ][ image

Honestly, this game has the best graphics i have ever seen, its not childish like WoW but this game has no RP almost and doesnt have a good PvP style. Im sure there are many ppl who like to play pvp based games with low ppl and this game is only for them and some noobs who is in love with graphics, this game doesnt deserve to be the best, let a real MMORPG to be the best on a webpage that has its name... image


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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    I think CoH is the best and by far...but GW has no monthly fee and easily outmatch WoW, so GW been ahead of CoH is more acceptable then WoW IMO.  Again, this is only the vote and opinion of the users. If peoples would be voting for Meridians, then it would be on the top...peoples vote for what they know and what they like.

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  • IvanRashnuIvanRashnu Member Posts: 178

    This game isn't that great and probably not the best among other MMORPGs.(Anyway this game is different from them). But as I said before earlier, this game has exceptional team pvp, I'm bound to admit. If you have really nice people to play the game, it's really fun, otherwise as you said it gets boring quickly. As far as I can see you have more problems with community than the game itself and you're right there(like people left the battle in the middle etc). There's a growing immaturity in the community and I've seen so many examples recently. I'm not going to list all them in here, but I'm so sick of the people who left the party with no valid reason, the people who rush and lead their team to death call all team as noob and leave and the nicknames with insults. Also there are some french people who try to promote their language in the game. You request them to speak English so that you can understand them, but they don't and even insult you. It's really hard to find a nice guild. I may quit this game due to its community. I think the game has lost its wise community, as it was not like that at the beginning. Now all we have is newbies

    Note: You won't be called as WoW Fanboy, as you expressed your opinions in an acceptable way and didn't spread misinformation


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