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Thinking of returning...


I quit playin CoX 2-3 years ago mainly bacause at that time almost nobody was doing normal missions instead most ppl were doing Mission Architect -grinds which I didn't find very interesting. My first question is: Is the game still MA-oriented like that time when MA was just released? I'd like to team up with players and do normal missions and story arcs instead of endless grind in MA-missions. Second question: I'm thinking of rolling new toons instead of waking up the old ones. What European server has the largest population thee days? Heroes and Villains?

Thank You for your answers, hopefully see You in-game!

Hans Kompis


  • therain93therain93 Member UncommonPosts: 2,039

    Well, the game has gone to a hybrid model, so you can return to it largely for free.

    The MA grind has definitely curtailed and people are playing missions or else running incarnate trials.  I think since you left, the European and American clients were merged, so you should have a choice of all 14 servers now; also, i think all servers may now be located in America, although that I'm not positive of.  From the old school European servers, I believe Union is still most popular, but you'll have your choice.

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